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    freer, more enriched, and have more fun in creating more value – this is the underlying idea for PayPay’s new workstyle.
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    From Nagano Case: Kyoko Fukuda Product Designer Works from Nagano
  5. Why I work from Nagano? - I love Tokyo because

    I was born and raised there, and I think it‘s a city where I can always make new discoveries. I also believe that Tokyo is a good fit for me. But seeing my colleagues who moved to Tokyo from different countries to work at PayPay, I started to vaguely explore the idea of challenging myself to live in a different country or city. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it a reality for me to move out of Tokyo and I considered many different cities, but I chose Matsumoto because it fits my interests perfectly, with its cultural assets, crafts, and beautiful nature, which never makes me bored. I believe that improving our QOL (Quality of Life) will improve the quality of our work. Also, the fact that Tokyo is one express train ride away was another big point.
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    Officer 02 Where I Work From Shizuoka Case: Works from Shizuoka
  7. Why I work from Shizuoka? - I have always loved

    this place and made many visits. Shimoda has great nature such as beautiful mountains and ocean, and you can enjoy many activities such as surfing, running, and gardening. There is a lot of wildlife around (monkeys, pheasants, wild boars, badgers, martens, and even scary centipedes...), so it makes you feel as if you are living in a zoo. - What I value the most is the health of my family. The school offers field trips to the local beach and classes in agriculture, and it seems like the children are getting a unique rural experience. Our family is very happy to be away from the city, surrounded by nature and living at a relaxed pace.
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    From Kagoshima Case: Qingmei Zhao Back-end Engineer Works from Kagoshima
  9. Why I work from Kagoshima? -I had been living in

    Yokohama until I moved, but I’ve always loved the Japanese countryside. Kagoshima is a very relaxing place with mountains, rivers, and ocean. There is also an active volcano, Sakurajima, and I even have a hot spring at home. At PayPay, we use cutting-edge technology. And we're always trying to improve our environment. There is a lot to learn, but I enjoy this situation. I’m simply happy that I’m able to work in PayPay’s cutting-edge environment and have the mountains and rivers of Kirishima at my doorstep.
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    04 Where I Work From Fukuoka Case: Works from Fukuoka
  11. Why I work from Fukuoka? - Though it is not

    as big as Tokyo, Fukuoka is a major city. It's also the biggest city I've ever lived in. For me, Fukuoka is the perfect size. It has all the conveniences of a city but is also a good distance away from the hustle and bustle to escape into nature. Having a car or a motorcycle is a must, but the public transportation system is one of the best in Japan. For families with small children, it’s good to live in a place where they can take a break and enjoy the slow life. Having a car-centered lifestyle is also convenient for families raising children, and it's perfect for shopping, hobbies, and weekend trips. The cost of living is much cheaper than in Tokyo. You can live very close to downtown, and taking the Shinkansen or plane is easy as the train stations and airports are also close. And yet, the rent is not unbelievably expensive. As Fukuoka continues to become more and more convenient, the prices are likely to increase little by little, but I feel that they are not comparable to Tokyo. Fukuoka is also a city with excellent access to urban functions and nature. It is overwhelmingly convenient to access the whole of Kyushu, Okinawa, as well as Asian countries. And there is fresh seafood, mountain produce, local cuisine, and an exotic food culture, all of which are delicious.
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    From Nara Case: Takashi Nishimura Designer Works from Nara
  13. Why I work from Nara? -I had a strong desire

    to work in Tokyo, but due to circumstances that prevented me from leaving my hometown, I was unable to make it happen. In the meantime, I learned about PayPay's WFA program, allowing me to work for a Tokyo-based company while living in the countryside. I was also very interested in the business itself, so I immediately applied. Thanks to this system, I am able to fulfill my long- time dream! Nara is a very comfortable place to live, with open sky and delicious air. There are many cultural assets within walking distance, such as Yakushiji Temple and Toshodaiji Temple, and if you go a little further, you can easily visit the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple. It is surprisingly convenient to go to Osaka and Kyoto in less than an hour, and to Tokyo in about four hours. Being able to work for a company in Tokyo while living in Nara is really great! PayPay has a work culture that is fast-moving like a roller coaster. Producing high quality work every day in such an environment while not losing sight of myself is what I wanted for myself and what I will continue to challenge myself to do. I feel that Nara, the place where I was born and raised, and my precious family are the great supporters of me.
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    • The office is for team building and collaborative work; in principle, work from home • Allowed to work from anywhere in Japan as long as there’s a sufficient environment for communication • Satellite offices within Japan are also available • JPY 100,000 per year provided as a work-from-home allowance • A transportation allowance up to JPY 150,000 per month will be provided when attendance at office is required ※Based on company regulations
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    Is the WFA system only applied during the COVID-19 pandemic? What is the current office attendance rate? In introducing the WFA system, we made the decision that we would not return to the traditional office-based work style anymore. Therefore, the WFA system will continue even after the pandemic subsides, and we intend to further transform the system so that it will enhance our productivity. Please scan the QR code on the right for the office attendance rate. (This links to our corporate website)
  16. Q. Am I allowed to work from places other then

    my home? As long as you can ensure security and privacy for your work, you can work from anywhere in Japan. You are not required to submit any application if you are going to the office and going back on the same day, but if you are going to work outside your home and need to stay overnight, you need to submit a simple application in advance via the company’s intranet. Q. Are there any restrictions on the use of the work-from-home allowance (JPY 100,000)? This allowance is provided to facilitate your work, but there are no restrictions on its use. We also lend desktop monitors to our engineers. Q. I am currently living in Sapporo, Hokkaido. How will my travel expenses be treated when I have to go to the office in Tokyo? Transportation expenses can be reimbursed up to JPY 150,000 per month. Based on our company regulation, air travel is also regarded as public transportation, thus commuting from remote areas also applies. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation.All Rights Reserved.
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