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DevTools for Designers

9fb120a88c85d93be416ed62b8ab5e16?s=47 Paul Bakaus
February 23, 2015

DevTools for Designers

Paul is currently working on many design-specific features with the ultimate goal to make DevTools a tool for designers, as much as for developers. Here's a sneak preview of crazy new things, such as improved responsive design controls, rich live editing of animations and more and more fun with colors.


Paul Bakaus

February 23, 2015


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  2. for designers

  3. Chrome DevTools are a suite of tools dedicated to delivering

    you a real-time debugging, profiling and development environment.
  4. +PaulBakaus @pbakaus

  5. Design Develop Iterate


  7. Designers use DevTools to create, iterate and test.

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  9. DevTools today

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  15. Workspaces Live editing in DevTools

  16. In settings, add folder that makes up your project.

  17. In Sources, map the incoming files to the local workspace.

  18. – PAUL BAKAUS “Rule of thumb: A visual design practise

    is out of fashion when browser vendors have added a way to do it in CSS.”
  19. border-radius, CSS Gradients, …

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  23. DEMO

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  27. –@FRANKLANG “If you don’t have a mobile website, you don’t

    have a website.”
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  29. Office WiFi Photo Source:

  30. Conference WiFi

  31. Poo icon via http://www.visualpharm.com

  32. DEMO

  33. The first rule of upcoming features is: You don’t talk

    about upcoming features.
  34. DevTools tomorrow

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  36. Meet Max. @maxwkr

  37. Photo Source:

  38. Photo Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drawing_board#mediaviewer/File:Architect.png

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  40. DevTools look and feel amazing.

  41. Your site looks and feels amazing.

  42. S C R I M

  43. Smart Colorful Responsive Intuitive Material

  44. Smart Typography & Layout Audits Flex assistant

  45. Smart Typography & Layout Audits Flex assistant

  46. Smart Typography & Layout Audits Flex assistant

  47. Smart Typography & Layout Audits Flex assistant

  48. Colorful Color swatches Gradient designer Color theory

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  55. Responsive Always-on, simplified device mode Device art & centered rulers

  56. Intuitive CSS Transform builder Layout Mode

  57. Material Material UI builder Material colors & animations

  58. Smart Colorful Responsive Intuitive Material

  59. You are awesome. Come help us.

  60. Open designers.chrome-dev.tools 1 2 Comment the shit away 3 Add

    your own ideas and mocks 4 ??? 5 Profit!
  61. +PaulBakaus @pbakaus & @ChromeDevTools Thank you!