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DevTools for Designers

Paul Bakaus
February 23, 2015

DevTools for Designers

Paul is currently working on many design-specific features with the ultimate goal to make DevTools a tool for designers, as much as for developers. Here's a sneak preview of crazy new things, such as improved responsive design controls, rich live editing of animations and more and more fun with colors.

Paul Bakaus

February 23, 2015

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  1. Chrome DevTools are a suite of tools dedicated to delivering

    you a real-time debugging, profiling and development environment.
  2. – PAUL BAKAUS “Rule of thumb: A visual design practise

    is out of fashion when browser vendors have added a way to do it in CSS.”
  3. Open designers.chrome-dev.tools 1 2 Comment the shit away 3 Add

    your own ideas and mocks 4 ??? 5 Profit!