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It's All Broken!

It's All Broken!

Splash screen. 16-bit music announces a new AAA title.
Quickly but steadily you navigate through a character creation screen. This is on! START
Text slowly appears on the screen:
Hello Joe, welcome to NextGenCo where we shape the reality of tomorrow. Here's your new greenfield project.
Welcome to the game of life where everything is broken. Let's do this right this time.
The distributed software we will build in this project will solve the world's problems.
It will be perfect. You will be presented with real life choices and be forced to live with those. Are you ready?
Game Over.
Start again.
As developers we tend to believe to be pragmatic. We make so many good choices and still somehow fail.
However we seem to have rediscovered functional programming. Actor model. Erlang VM. We're on the right track.
But it's turtles all the way down. Is your environment ready for that? Are the choices really pragmatic?
Do those shiny tools answer the exact issues you're facing?
The idea of the talk is to start slowly and gradually decide upon where we go next with the tools of trade.
But here's a hint: Nix.
16 bit music.

Piotr Limanowski

September 09, 2017

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