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Apple Core - Lightning talk

6f6914b1cdb438695ec1aaabba7463bb?s=47 Peter Desmet
October 21, 2011

Apple Core - Lightning talk

Lighting talk at the TDWG 2011 annual conference in New Orleans, United States - October 21, 2011.


Peter Desmet

October 21, 2011

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  1. Apple  Core   Darwin  Core  guidelines   for  herbaria  

    James   Macklin   Peter   Desmet   Patrick   Sweeney  
  2. Why?   Darwin  Core  =  awesome   How  to  use

     it  is  not  well  documented  
  3. Who?   Herbarium  community   Everybody  

  4. Challenges   Flat  vs  relaEonal?   Open  vs  highest  usability?

      Guidelines  vs  standard?    
  5. Get  involved!   Review  &  submit  issues   Be  nice,

     it’s  a  very  early  draN  
  6. www.flickr.com/photos/neufcent9/4007658222