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Architecture & DevOps

Architecture & DevOps

Software Architecture is about the important things, where “important” means high-risk and hard-to-change decisions. DevOps tries to develop a culture where constant experimentation and learning takes place while the environment changes rapidly. How can this fit together? In this talk I will talk about general strategies agile teams can use to build and foster a DevOps culture while at the same time ensuring high-quality and sustainable software delivery. These strategies will be illustrated with real-world examples from different domains and environments.

Peter Götz

October 13, 2021

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  1. What is DevOps? The Three Ways of DevOps 1. Flow

    / Systems Thinking 2. Amplify Feedback Loops 3. Culture of Continual Experimentation and Learning
  2. What is DevOps? The Five Ideals of DevOps 1. Locality

    and Simplicity 2. Focus, Flow, and Joy 3. Improvement of Daily Work 4. Psychological Safety 5. Customer Focus 4. Psychological Safety 1. Locality & Simplicity 2. Focus, Flow & Joy 3. Im provem ent of Daily Work 5. Customer Focus
  3. Find one thing that you can do to improve your

    architecture by using DevOps strategies.
  4. About Us Peter Götz [email protected] @petersgoetz Join us for our

    next DevOps Lab training https://www.devops-events.de/ trainings/devops-lab Oliver Hankeln [email protected] @mydalon Scan here for your 10 Star review…
  5. Literature ▪ The DevOps Handbook, Gene Kim et al. (ISBN

    978-1950508402) ▪ The Phoenix Project, Gene Kim et al. (ISBN 978-1942788294) ▪ The Unicorn Project, Gene Kim (ISBN 978-1942788768) ▪ Hands-on Domain-driven Design, Michael Plöd (https://leanpub.com/ddd-by-example) ▪ Illustrations by Muriel Hankeln ([email protected])