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Why use Scala in 2022?

Philipp Haller
March 18, 2022

Why use Scala in 2022?

Philipp Haller

March 18, 2022


  1. Philipp Haller Scala • A statically-typed programming language that integrates

    object-oriented and functional programming (https://www.scala-lang.org/) • Concise – Modern, compact syntax – Powerful type inference • Fully interoperable with Java and JavaScript (Scala.js) – Also: beta version of native code compiler (Scala Native) • About as fast as Java • Pushes the boundaries of what is possible to express in a type-safe way given the above properties of the language 1
  2. Philipp Haller Motivation for Using Scala • Scala is an

    excellent choice for implementing interpreters and type checkers – This is the main task in the labs – Language features of particular interest: case classes and pattern matching, tuples, higher-order functions, etc. • Scala has received the highest international award for its significant impact on both industrial software development and programming language research 
 (ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software Award) • In addition, learning a new language… – is beneficial when studying the principles of programming languages – can make you a better programmer, regardless of the languages you are going to use for future tasks 2
  3. Philipp Haller Latest RedMonk Ranking 3 Scala ranked higher than

    Go, Kotlin and Rust Source: Stephen O’Grady, The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: June 2021
 https://redmonk.com/sogrady/2021/08/05/language-rankings-6-21/ Latest RedMonk Ranking (June 2021)
  4. Philipp Haller Growing Adoption of Scala 4 IEEE Spectrum ranking

    "Top Programming Languages 2018" ("Trending" preset) https://spectrum.ieee.org/static/interactive-the-top-programming-languages-2018
  5. Philipp Haller Scala Center and Commercial Users • Non-profit center

    at EPFL, Switzerland, (https://scala.epfl.ch/) dedicated to the continued development and maintenance of Scala – Open-source software development – Education via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) • Advisory board members: – 47 Degrees, Databricks, Goldman Sachs, Lightbend, Lunatech, VirtusLab, Spotify, Twitter • Other prominent Scala users: – Airbnb, Apple, Klarna, Lego, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Netflix, PayPal, Shopify, Starbucks, Tesla, Verizon, Walmart, Walt Disney, Zalando 5