Stealthy git - solving CMS woes with git, on the quiet

Stealthy git - solving CMS woes with git, on the quiet

Content management systems are rarely fun to use. Not for developers, not for authors. They hamper effective development and they invent confusing processes for content authors.

What if we could build a CMS on top of git? What if instead of trying to invent new ways to solve things like version control, publishing approval, previews, and accountability, we used git which already has mechanisms to cope with these things and more?

Although developers might welcome this, content authors might not. Especially if we asked them to learn git so that they could do their work. Let’s not tell them. Let’s do it all behind the scenes and give them the benefits without exposing them to the underlying technology.

This talk will look at how Netlify CMS (an increasingly popular open source project) is marrying powerful git workflows with static site generators, continuous integration tools, and a flexible admin interface to make building and maintaining a CMS powered site a joy for all.


Phil Hawksworth

February 22, 2018