Tightropes and Springboards

Tightropes and Springboards

Presented at Dutch Digital Day, Amsterdam, 2016.


Often there are differences in our goals, values and understandings. Sometimes practitioners of one discipline sees themselves as the heroes, and the others as the villains.

Teams working together regularly walk the tightrope of what is possible and of what is desirable. Compromises and constraints abound. But as we know, visual designers, experience designers, strategists, copyrighters, and technologists are *all* creative. And the best work is produced when teams understand each other and share a vision that they then create together.

How can we dismount the tightrope and replace it with a springboard to greater creativity and ambition? To push the boundaries rather than follow the conventions established around us?

Phil will share examples and stories from his work at agencies and large corporations. And his opinions on how to foster the best kind of work form interdisciplinary teams.


Phil Hawksworth

September 16, 2016