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Are You a Good Code Scout?

November 25, 2015

Are You a Good Code Scout?


November 25, 2015

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  1. We have now turned something that we teach kids aged

    7 - 18 to do naturally, into something that we as developers should be doing every day.
  2. • Add a README.md • Improve the docs • Add

    a Doc Block • Comment complexity Putting up a sign
  3. • useless comments • obsolete code • old components •

    stray files • defunct backups Pick up some litter
  4. • refactor a function or class • fix a failing

    test • write a new test (or two) Repair a fence
  5. Being a good Scout is more than Dyb Dyb Dyb

    Hard Work Determination Ingenuity Tenacity Having Fun
  6. Thanks @phpboyscout [email protected] If you would like to have fun

    being a Scout then please visit scouts.org.uk/get-involved https://joind.in/16522 @