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Grokking Android Studio

Grokking Android Studio

We spend the majority of our coding lives in Android Studio, yet few of us (myself included) know all the tips and tricks to unlock its full potential. Knowing your IDE inside and out can help to level up your productivity, and not to mention make you look really cool to everyone else on your team. Join us as we talk about:

• Simple navigation through the IDE - put down your mouse!

• The basic and more obscure key mappings, which make repetitive tasks a breeze

• Live Templates - what are they, and how can you make your own?

• A few other tips and tricks that will come in handy.

Whether you’re new to Android or a seasoned pro, you will come away having learned something new.

Phil Shadlyn

January 18, 2017

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  1. Agenda 1. Basic Navigation 2. Helpful Key Mappings and Code

    Completion 3. Live Templates 4. Structural Search and Replace
  2. Android Studio • Announced at Google I/O 2013 • Based

    off IntelliJ IDEA • Free to download from Google
  3. Navigation Shortcuts double shift Search Everywhere cmd + e Recently

    Opened Files cmd + alt + L / R Last/Previous Cursor Location cmd + shift + delete Last Edit Location cmd + shift + [ / ] Cycle Between Tabs cmd + w Close Tab shift + escape Collapse Current Window cmd + b Go to Declaration cmd + shift + b Go to Type Declaration cmd + alt + b Go to Implementation
  4. Key Mappings and Code Completion • Help with basic text

    editing • IDE functionality • When in doubt, just start typing...
  5. Key Mappings cmd + shift + a Find Any Action

    cmd + d Duplicate Line cmd + delete Delete Line option + up / down Expand / Shrink Selection cmd + option + l Reformat Code option + return Show Quick Fixes cmd + n Generate Code control + o Override Methods control + i Implement Methods cmd + k Commit to VCS
  6. Live Templates • Quickly generate common code snippets • List

    with cmd + j • Create your own ◦ Highlight code → “Save as Live Template”
  7. • “...performs search and replace in the supported languages code

    across the whole project, taking advantage of the IntelliJ IDEA's awareness of the syntax and code structure of the supported languages.” • … Huh? Structural Search and Replace
  8. Want More Info? • IntelliJ Reference Card • Android Studio

    Tips of the Day • No Tabs in IntelliJ IDEA • IntelliJ IDEA Tips and Tricks • Key Promoter Plugin • Structural Search and Replace • Android Studio Like A Boss