The Future of Cross-Platform is Native

The Future of Cross-Platform is Native

The quest for the perfect cross-platform solution has been like the quest for the Holy Grail. It’s been going on a long time, there are a myriad of perceived benefits, and every time someone claims to have found it, it’s never the right one. Many people ask, “Should I go with a cross-platform solution, or a native solution?” but the reality is the quest is bringing us closer to a solution where there isn’t a meaningful difference.

React Native wasn’t the first to show a solution could be both cross-platform and native, but it has certainly convinced a lot of people. As many of those early converts are discovering the limitations, they are beginning to fall back into either-or thinking. Maybe they just have the wrong assumptions.

Kotlin Multiplatform makes some new assumptions and, although it wasn’t the first to do so, is gaining in popularity very quickly. Is Kotlin Multiplatform the holy grail of cross-platform? Probably not. But it does bring cross-platform and native closer than ever before.


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Justin Mancinelli

April 30, 2019