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20221028 淺談 Azure Private 5G Core 和 Kubernetes

Phil Huang
October 28, 2022

20221028 淺談 Azure Private 5G Core 和 Kubernetes

#CNTUG 開源技術工作坊

Phil Huang

October 28, 2022

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  1. 淺談 Azure Private 5G Core 和 Kubernetes Phil Huang <[email protected]>

    Sr. Cloud Solution Architect 2022/10/28 CNTUG 開源技術工作坊
  2. 黃秉鈞 Phil Huang • Cloud Native Taiwan User Group 社群志工

    • 現任 Microsoft Sr. Cloud Solution Architect • 曾任 VMware / Red Hat 解決方案架構師 • blog.pichuang.com.tw
  3. • On-premise • Azure Stack Edge 採用硬體訂閱制 • 基於 Azure

    Kubernetes Service • 提供完整 5G Core 功能或 4G LTE 功能 • Azure • 作為所有 Azure Stack Edge 的中央 存取點 • 採用 Azure 原生 API 進行多種操作 管理 基本架構概念 Azure Private 5G Core (AP5GC) Ref: https://learn.microsoft.com/zh-tw/azure/private-5g-core/private-5g-core-overview
  4. Hardware as a Service: Azure Stack Edge Pro (ASE) Azure

    managed physical edge compute service 月 2
  5. Physical Network Interface Specifications Known how to provide a hardware

    for private 5G Core • Network Model: ConnectX-4 Lx EN NIC 25Gb Ref: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/databox-online/azure-stack-edge-gpu-quickstart https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/databox-online/azure-stack-edge-gpu-deploy-install?pivots=single-node
  6. Packet Core Architecture (a.k.a AP5GC) Kubernetes is the key platform

    • 5GC / 5NGC Packet core 服務內建立於 Kubernetes Cluster 之上 Ref: https://learn.microsoft.com/zh-tw/azure/private-5g-core/key-components-of-a-private-mobile-network#azure-private-5g-core-resources
  7. Azure Private 5G Core Network Topology Local Management Router Local

    Management Customer Management Azure Stack Edge (ASE) 25GbE VF 25GbE VF 25GbE VF N6 Core Router N3 Access Router N2 AMF Switch Data Network UE gNode B Internet Azure Cloud
  8. Azure Kubernetes Service Kubernetes control API server replication, namespace, serviceaccounts,

    etc. -controller- manager -scheduler etcd Master node Worker node kubelet kube-proxy Docker Prod Prod Containers Containers Worker node kubelet kube-proxy Docker Prod Prod Containers Containers Internet Responsibilities DIY with Kubernetes Managed Kubernetes on Azure Containerization Application iteration, debugging CI/CD Provisioning, upgrades, patches Reliability availability Scaling Monitoring and logging Customer Microsoft
  9. CPU Performance: Topology Manager CPU 1 Memory 2 Memory 3

    NIC 1 CPU 0 Memory 0 Memory 1 NIC 0
  10. Time Synchronization: PTP (Precision Time Protocol) NTP Time Server PTP

    (IEEE 1588 v2) Grandmaster Clock Switch Boundary Clock Kubernetes OS VF system clock Ref: https://linuxptp.sourceforge.net/ linuxptp ptp4l phc2sys