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How to win a hackathon

How to win a hackathon

At Apps for Ghent I gave a presentation before the co-creation event started to all the hackers. These were my 5 tips


Pieter Colpaert

March 23, 2013


  1. How to win a hackathon 2013-03-23 @pietercolpaert OKFN Belgium @AppsForGhent

  2. How to win a hackathon 2013-03-23 @pietercolpaert OKFN Belgium @AppsForGhent

    co-creation event
  3. 5 free tips

  4. 1. One concept, one purpose My app solves problem X

    for Y... ... and this is how we did it
  5. 2. The rule of pi* * pi = 3.14159265359... Whatever

    you think is going to take 2h... ... you will only be able to do it in >6.283h
  6. 3.1 Present like a boss If you don't believe your

    concept is going to change the world (it is!)... ... the jury isn't going to believe it either
  7. 3.2 Outline of a presentation we'd expect • What problem

    do you solve • How do you solve the problem • Demo your app ◦ wireframes < screenshots << live demo ◦ <<< users can download & test • Used datasets • Future work (e.g. business model, finishing touch, extensibility, features, etc) 5 min max!
  8. 3.3 Present with nice slides, not speaker notes Previous slide

    = too much, ugly bullets, boring. (yes, I did use comic sans MS™)
  9. 4. Manage your team

  10. 5. Don't stick to the tips Less is more! Kill

    your darlings Just do it! You are the right (wo)man at the right time for this job Don't forget to drink Listen to advice
  11. Les datas!

  12. 2 RESTful APIs data.gent.be data.appsforghent.be

  13. The DataTank data.gent.be/.../... .about data.gent.be/.../... .json data.gent.be/.../... .xml ...

  14. More data data.gov.be data.iRail.be (TDT) opendata.antwerpen.be (TDT) publicdata.eu

  15. Bonus presentations on data After this talk

  16. You can win

  17. Good luck pieter.colpaert@okfn.org @pietercolpaert @AppsForGhent

  18. Miet Claes: the project mgmt schema jennicatpink on flickr: the

    owl Contributed to this presentation