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Founder's Attitude - What does it take

56df5ba00ba51eec752450870416c7b2?s=47 Vidar Andersen
February 09, 2018

Founder's Attitude - What does it take

My talk at the Hinterland of Things / Startup X conference in Bielefeld, Germany on February 2nd, 2018. You can book me: booking@vidarandersen.com


Vidar Andersen

February 09, 2018


  1. Founder’s Attitude What does it take Hinterland of Things /

    Startup X
 Bielefeld, 2018.02.098
  2. vidarandersen.com* *more information about this speaker than even his mother

    would want to know
  3. Startups - Don’t Do It 90% of startups fail

  4. Forget The Money You will (most likely) not get rich

    by doing a startup
  5. Do It Because You Love To It’s all about the

    passion, the joy in chaos & being a pirate
  6. Seize The Opportunities HUSTLE - say fuck yes – then

    learn how to do it later
  7. “You Have To Livv In Ze Dirt” For years on

    end - this shit is going to take a LOOONG time
  8. Screw Your “Idea” It’s all about execution - talk less,

    do more
  9. Solve A Real Problem Don’t be a solution in search

    of a problem
  10. Screw Your Business Plan No one cares about your projections

    - your damned lies
  11. Everything In Writing Get shit written down in real signed

  12. Talk To Everybody FUCK YOUR NDA - get as much

    feedback as possible
  13. Don’t Build It They won't come - create a Minimum

    Viable Product & iterate
  14. Start With “Good Enough” Not perfect - perfect kills startups

  15. Speed is of the Essence Fail fast, fail soon -

    build, measure, learn - repeat forever
  16. It’s All About People Not about technology, ideas or business

  17. Culture Is Everything Values, mission and vision critical to where

    you’ll end up
  18. Communication Is King Over-communicate with your team - set goals

    and anti-goals
  19. Raise The Bar Hold yourself accountable - lead by example

  20. Beware Of Vanity Theatre Don’t get fooled by shit that

    feels good but doesn’t matter
 GROWTH EXIT *the only things that matter, in case

    you were wondering
  22. Get Lean, Get Agile Start validating learning - be experiment-

    and data-driven
  23. Do Customer Development TALK TO CUSTOMERS, test for problem -

    THEN test for solution
  24. Get Out Of The Building Talk to REAL customers that

    will tell you your baby is ugly
  25. Embrace Failure Post mortem, kanban, continuous deployment, 5 whys

  26. Listen To Your Users Don’t talk - listen & search

    for patterns, not noise
  27. Get All The Data Don’t build it if you can’t

    measure it - know your metrics
  28. Learn, Learn, Learn It’s a continuous process - it’s your

    job, not somebody else’s
  29. Ask For Advice And get money - ask for money,

    get advice
  30. Follow Your Gut Listen to good advice - but don’t

    take it
  31. Reach Out & Connect To anyone, anywhere - you have

    teh intarwebz
  32. Build Relationships Early Getting funded is a long process -

    start early
  33. Help Other Entrepreneurs Real founders help other founders

  34. *if at first you fail, get up and go again,

    and again, and again, and again, and…
  35. Let’s Connect vidarandersen.com