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User Experience at Azendoo

User Experience at Azendoo

How and what we learned at Azendoo about user experience : Tips, feedbacks and mistakes !

Product Tank - 4th July

Pierre Renaudin

July 04, 2013

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  1. Product Tank – Paris July 4th 2013 Grégory Lefort CEO

    - Founder Pierre Renaudin UI Developer Frédérique Castagnac Marketing & CM
  2. -  Choose your own wallpaper -  Save your favorite subject

    filters -  Decide how you want to see your tasks
  3. -  Notifications of messages, tasks ( in app & by

    email ) -  Notifications of recent activity on a subject -  Pushing new messages and tasks into the interface
  4. -  Integrate Google Drive / Dropbox / Box / Evernote

    -  Use other product features -  Perform full integrations
  5. -  Sign up faster by linking your Google Account - 

    Help new users via onboarding and product tour -  Add an internal help feature, an FAQ, a contact email form and access to a help platform ( GetSatisfaction … ) Google  Sign  up   Onboarding  /  Product  Tour   Internal  Help  /  Support  
  6. 1 3 2 Feedback from customers, users.. via email, dedicated

    platforms… Virtual feedback Feedback by observing a new user Live feedback Feedback from our team, our coworkers, our family Internal feedback 4 Feedback from Heatmap, Google Analytics, BI, Kissmetrics Analytics feedback