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Augmenting product marketing: launching a new product inside a billion-dollar company

Augmenting product marketing: launching a new product inside a billion-dollar company

Product Marketing Alliance

December 30, 2020

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  1. Augmenting Product Marketing: Launching a new Product Inside a Billion

    Dollar Company Matt Sheridan Sr. Director Augmented Reality Product Marketing & Field Execution PTC
  2. Back in 1993, it seemed the average software release timeline

    was several months. Today, it’s closer to three weeks. Platform updates can now happen in just minutes or seconds, and even AI is now writing its own code. ~Forbes More than half of tech executives expect M&A to be the most popular exit strategy for tech companies this year [2019], according to a BDO Technology Outlook Survey. Only 14% said a U.S. IPO would be the top strategy. ~CIODIVE
  3. Majority of Revenue ~20% Revenue Customers 5-20% Probability of selling

    to a new prospect 60% – 70% Probability of selling to an existing customer 50% More likely to try new products and spend 31% more, when compared to new customers https://www.invespcro.com/blog/customer-acquisition-retention/

    CULTURE 3 Areas * 3 Insights → 9 Lessons Learned
  5. MARKET Technology Lifecycle Curve Lessons Learned: - Make a two

    phase plan: early / later - Value Selling - Keep an eye on the ‘Whole Product’ MARKET Technology Lifecycle Curve *Geoffrey Moore
  6. MARKET Technology Lifecycle Curve Lessons Learned: - Avoid temptation to

    do too many too fast - Pricing Alignment - Avoid: “Do you want fries with that?” CHANNELS
  7. MARKET Technology Lifecycle Curve Lessons Learned: - Capturing mindshare works

    when everyone is involved - A strong vision drives customer connection - Market maturity POSITIONING
  8. KPIs Early Activity Leads # Deals Deals Size Voice of

    the Customer ‘beta’ Program Demand Gen Programs Sales Enablement Analytics Partners
  9. MARKET Comprehensive Business Plan Focused Value Selling CHANNELS Focused Sales

    Ensure Complete Coverage ACTIONS TO ADDRESS ISSUES MARKET CHANNELS POSITIONING Consistent Vision Continue Focus
  10. T H A N K YO U ! Matt Sheridan