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The Eight-Fingered Chef

by PromptWorks

Published August 24, 2013 in Programming

Watch it online: http://confreaks.com/videos/2633-madisonruby2013-the-eight-fingered-chef

Chef is a great tool for managing a vast and complicated server infrastructure, but what if you have fewer servers than fingers? What if you just want a simple little box to host a Rack app? Maybe a staging server to match or a CI server? With little or no prior knowledge of Chef, you can set up a server fairly quickly if you know the right way to set up your kitchen. (They don’t make it obvious. I’ve lost a few fingers in the process.) We’ll walk through the basics of Vagrant, Chef-solo, Knife-solo, and using community cookbooks.

Transcript of live coding: https://gist.github.com/jgarber/6328999

Presented by Jason Garber at Madison Ruby Conf. https://www.promptworks.com