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UX Budapest meetup intro

Judit Pónya
September 04, 2012

UX Budapest meetup intro

Are you more UX or UI? What we put under the UX umbrella. Plans, topics for the next meetups.

*Events & coverage*

WUDhu 2011 Photos

Are you more UX or UI? What shape are you?
Original slides of Jason Mesut

Judit Pónya

September 04, 2012

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  1. UX Budapest September 4, 2012 Budapest Judit Pónya FatDUX Budapest

  2. UX Budapest meetup Events & coverage http://www.meetup.com/UXbudapest/ http://lanyrd.com/series/ux-budapest/

  3. #uxbp

  4. A használhatóság napja

  5. None
  6. None
  7. meetup wireframes? visual design? usability? ???? user interfaces? UX

  8. UX designer is the new “web designer”

  9. UXD≠UID

  10. UX

  11. meetup ‣Our Scope ‣Show where YOU want to grow and

    develop UX
  12. Jason Mesut EuroIA 2011, Prague

  13. “Are you more UX or UI?”

  14. 4 key disciplines of User Experience

  15. None
  16. insight and big picture

  17. user interface craft

  18. analysis, rigour, logic

  19. concept, design, feel

  20. None
  21. September User Research

  22. October ?

  23. November Financial Systems

  24. December ER: The UX Edition

  25. Köszönöm! Pónya Judit @ptxster jponya@fatdux.com www.fatdux.com