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Medical Manuscript Editing Services

Medical Manuscript Editing Services

Our Professional best Manuscript Editing Services with language and technical editing will explain finding in a clear and cohesive structure.

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February 03, 2024

Other Decks in Research


    An Academic presentation by
    Dr. Nancy Agnes, Head, Technical Operations, Pubrica
    Group: www.pubrica.com
    Email: [email protected]

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  2. My Experience with Mendeley: In my role at Pubrica,
    working on numerous scientific and academic projects,
    Mendeley has been a game-changer. The ease of
    managing citations and references has significantly
    streamlined my workflow. Especially, when I edit my
    client’s manuscripts. As part of Pubrica’s Manuscript
    Editing Services, I frequently encounter documents that
    require substantial editing. Upon reviewing these
    manuscripts, I often consider the benefits of revising from
    the ground up, as reediting these documents can be as
    challenging as navigating through a complex,
    suspenseful thriller.
    Introduction to Mendeley
    The Necessity of Citation Tools in Research: In research
    writing, accurately citing others’ work is crucial. Tools like
    Mendeley not only make referencing easier but also guide
    readers to relevant works, enhancing the scholarly value
    of your research.

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  3. Mendeley: A Standout
    Among Citation Tools
    Comparing Reference Management Tools: While there
    are several tools available, such as Endnote and
    Zotero, Mendeley stands out for its unique
    functionalities like offline access and multi-device
    Unique Features of Mendeley: Owned by Elsevier,
    Mendeley offers features beyond just referencing,
    including file management, document sharing, and
    annotating capabilities, making it a comprehensive
    tool for researchers.

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  4. Reference Tool What it Looks Like Cost How to Get It Additional Notes
    RefWorks Video Tutorials Free at UofT
    Group code for off-campus access;
    Downloads available upon logging
    in, under Tools menu

    Zotero Video Tour Free and open source Create account; Download –
    Mendeley Video Tutorials Free for everyone
    Create account; Download desktop
    client; Install Web Importer; Install
    Word plugin: Windows or Mac

    EndNote Web Overview Video Free https://www.myendnoteweb.com Purchase from UofT Bookstore
    EndNote Desktop Video Training $90 for UofT community Purchase from UofT Bookstore –
    Reference Manager Training Videos $90 for UofT community Purchase from UofT Bookstore –
    WizFolio Quick Start Video
    Free for everyone (limited version
    with ads, more features for UofT
    Create account (use your
    utoronto.ca email for full features);
    Install WizAdd; Download WizCite

    Papers Welcome Video $79 USD (+40% student discount)
    How to get Papers with student
    discount; How to enable
    Manuscripts feature; How to set up
    UofT proxy

    Table 1. Comparison of various reference tools available in
    the market (2023)

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  5. Source: https://www.mendeley.com/

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  6. Initial Steps with Mendeley: Beginning with Mendeley is
    straightforward. Watch tutorial videos and read instructions to
    download and familiarize yourself with the software.
    Building Your Reference Library: Import papers from various
    sources or directly from your PC into Mendeley. Use the drag-
    and-drop feature for ease of building your library.
    Literature Search and Library Management: Mendeley’s
    literature search feature helps find online materials related to
    your work, automatically adding them to your library. Organize
    your library by author, keywords, and tags for efficient
    Getting Started with
    Advanced Features of
    Mendeley’s Smart Traits: The software allows adding notes,
    full-text reading, and tracking favorites, making it a versatile
    tool for researchers. Its device compatibility ensures you can
    work from anywhere.
    Simplifying Documentation: Mendeley integrates seamlessly
    with word processors like MS Word, allowing you to insert
    citations and bibliographies easily with just a few clicks.
    Mendeley for Collaboration
    and Networking
    Mendeley’s Social Collaboration Aspect: Mendeley is not just
    a reference tool; it’s a platform for social collaboration.
    Create a profile, connect with publishers, and share papers
    with peers.
    Exploring Funding Opportunities and Group Features: The
    software provides a database of funding sources and the
    ability to create private groups, enhancing your research
    network and opportunities.

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  7. Issue Solution
    References not syncing between Mendeley
    Web and Desktop
    – Initiate Mendeley Desktop.
    - Utilize the “Sync” function found in the toolbar.
    Incomplete reference details in the library
    – Identify the concerned reference in the library.
    - Use the “Update Details” option by right-clicking on the reference to
    automatically fill in the missing data.
    PDF not attaching when importing via RIS or
    – Direct PDF attachment isn’t supported through RIS or XML imports. Instead, employ the Web Importer for importing or
    attach the PDF manually post-import to the library entry.
    Complications with the Microsoft Word
    – Confirm Word is up to date via “Help” and “Check for updates.”
    - Remove and then reinstall the Mendeley Word plugin,
    ensuring to restart the computer in between these steps.
    References missing in Mendeley Cite
    – Press the Sync button in Mendeley Desktop.
    - In Word, access Mendeley Cite, opt for “More,” and choose “Refresh
    Error Message Solution
    “Citation/Bibliography is wrongly placed in
    index area, please delete the placed
    citation/bibliography in index area”
    – Acknowledge the error prompt and remove the highlighted text by deleting it, which may be the incorrectly placed
    - Reinsert the correct reference from your Mendeley library.
    Although the installation process for Mendeley can be cumbersome, once you become familiar with it,
    you’ll likely find it indispensable (Refer Table 2)

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  8. Conclusion
    Based on my experiences, Mendeley is a robust and user-friendly
    tool. Its range of features caters to diverse research needs,
    making it a top choice for anyone in the academic and scientific
    Pubrica boasts extensive expertise in editing a wide array of
    scientific and technical manuscripts authored by a diverse, global
    clientele. By choosing Pubrica, you are assured of a service that
    consistently meets the stringent standards of academic

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