Puppet at Pinterest - Ryan Park at Puppetconf 2012

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September 27, 2012

Puppet at Pinterest - Ryan Park at Puppetconf 2012

"Puppet at Pinterest", by Ryan Park, Operations Engineer at Pinterest. Talk from PuppetConf 2012.

Video of "Puppet at Pinterest": http://youtu.be/aU-bCbBq8zs
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Abstract: A case study of how Pinterest uses Puppet to manage its infrastructure. Pinterest has hundreds of Amazon EC2 virtual servers and uses Puppet Dashboard as the “source of truth” about its server inventory. Pinterest built a REST API for this database, which powers tools and automated scripts that integrate Puppet with internal systems and with Amazon Web Services.

Speaker Bio: Ryan Park leads operations and infrastructure at Pinterest, one of 2012’s fastest growing web sites. Pinterest’s entire infrastructure is in the cloud, built atop hundreds of Amazon EC2 virtual server instances. Ryan introduced Puppet to their infrastructure as soon as he joined the company, and they now use Puppet as the primary tool for managing their infrastructure. Prior to joining Pinterest, Ryan was the Head of Operations at PBworks, an online team collaboration service.

Interview with Ryan on Puppet at Pinterest: http://puppetlabs.com/blog/puppetconf-preview-puppet-at-pinterest/


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September 27, 2012