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A. Jesse Jiryu Davis - Write an Excellent Programming Blog

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis - Write an Excellent Programming Blog

Writing rewards you and benefits us all: when you write you refine your thinking, share your knowledge, and connect with your niche community. This talk describes the special challenges of writing a programming blog. It outlines solid article structures, and offers methods for generating ideas and writing more skillfully. Get the guidance and inspiration to craft articles of enduring value.


PyCon 2016

May 29, 2016

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  1. Write an Excellent Programming Blog A. Jesse Jiryu Davis @jessejiryudavis

  2. Why?

  3. Share your expertise

  4. Meet fellow

  5. Writing is thinking

  6. None
  7. Why? Share your expertise Meet fellow specialists Writing is thinking

  8. None
  9. Why? What? Who? How? When? ✓

  10. What?

  11. Story

  12. Story “I'm going to tell you a story about Foo,

    how it taught me Bar, and led to Baz. First this happened, then that happened. And that's the story of Foo.”
  13. None
  14. Opinion

  15. Opinion "Thesis.
 Points of evidence.
 Response to likely objections. 

    Restatement of thesis." Karate for defense only.
  16. None
  17. How To

  18. How To "Doing Foo is important under the given conditions.

    I'm going to show you how to Foo. Do this, then do that. There, now I've shown you how to Foo. You should go out and do Foo."
  19. None
  20. How Something Works

  21. How Something Works "Do you wonder how Foo works? I'm

    going to show you how Foo is implemented. It does this and that. Now I've shown you how it works."
  22. None
  23. Reviews

  24. Reviews "I read, saw, played, or used something. This is

    what it is. This is what my experience was like. The thing has these strengths and weaknesses. In conclusion, it's best when evaluated by certain criteria."
  25. None
  26. Story Opinion How-To How Things Work Review

  27. Find your audience

  28. SEO

  29. Planets, aggregators, weekly emails

  30. None
  31. Specialists will find you

  32. Improve Your Writing Practice, read, get an editor

  33. Make Time to Write

  34. Write infrequently

  35. Write when inspired

  36. Or, write short things

  37. Write Together

  38. A. Jesse Jiryu Davis @jessejiryudavis MongoDB bit.ly/programming-blog