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Learning from AWS Customer Security Incidents [2022]

Learning from AWS Customer Security Incidents [2022]

This show will discuss the public catalog of AWS Customer Security Incidents (https://github.com/ramimac/aws-customer-security-incidents), covering over twenty different public breaches. We’ll walk through the technical details of these attacks, establish the common root causes, look at lessons learned, and establish how you can proactively secure your environment against these real world risks.

Rami McCarthy

May 15, 2022

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  1. @ramimacisabird Hello! I’m Rami McCarthy 👋 • Security @ series

    d health-tech • Reformed security consultant • AWS Certified Security, Specialty & CCSKv4 • -creator & -contributor
  2. @ramimacisabird Today This is what you’ll get! • A strong

    understanding of how AWS accounts are breached in the real world • Common initial access and escalation vectors in AWS • Actionable practices to prevent joining this esteemed cohort
  3. @ramimacisabird "Postmortem Culture: Learning from Failure” by John Lunney and

    Sue Lueder ”Avoid Blame and Keep It Constructive” https://landing.google.com/sre/sre-book/chapters/postmortem-culture ”Blameless postmortems can be challenging to write, because the postmortem format clearly identifies the actions that led to the incident. Removing blame from a postmortem gives people the confidence to escalate issues without fear. It is also important not to stigmatize frequent production of postmortems by a person or team. An atmosphere of blame risks creating a culture in which incidents and issues are swept under the rug, leading to greater risk for the organization [Boy13]." Best Practice:
  4. @ramimacisabird DisruptOps’ Top 10 Cloud Attack Killchains • Static API

    Credential Exposure to Account Hijack • Compromised Server via Exposed Remote Access Ports • Compromised Database via Inadvertent Exposure • Object Storage Public Data Exposure • Server Side Request Forgery • Cryptomining • Network Attack • Compromised Secrets • Novel Cloud Data Exposure and Exfiltration • Subdomain Takeover
  5. @ramimacisabird Secure Defaults • 2017: prominent indicator next to each

    S3 bucket that is publicly accessible • 2017: Clarified UX (“Authenticated - Anyone with an AWS account”) • 2018: Trusted Advisor S3 Public Access rule • 2018: Block public access • 2019: Access Analyzer for S3 • 2020: Amazon GuardDuty to Protect Your S3 Buckets
  6. @ramimacisabird Database Ransomware • AWS services or user managed •

    Generally, internet exposed with a weak password • BTC ransom • Examples: • https:/ /mangolassi.it/topic/19664/database-h eld-for-ransom-anyone-experience-this-befor e/16 • https:/ /forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?t hreadID=249445
  7. @ramimacisabird “Through 2025, more than 99% of cloud breaches will

    have a root cause of preventable misconfigurations or mistakes by end users.” - Gartner. (H/T Anton Chuvakin)
  8. @ramimacisabird S3 Global Write Politifact 2017 Initial Access: “Misconfigured cloud

    computing server” Impact: Coinhive cryptojacking LA Times 2018 Initial Access: S3 global write access Impact: Coinhive cryptojacking added to homicide.latimes.com Twilio 2020 Initial Access: S3 global write access Impact: Magecart
  9. @ramimacisabird S3 Global Write AWS IAM Access Analyzer for S3

    Cloud Security Posture Management Prevention: Infrastructure as code + SAST
  10. @ramimacisabird Malicious AMI Cryptomining AMI 2018 Initial Access: Unknown AMI

    Impact: "mines cryptocurrencies, asks for ransom money, and tries to exploit things to spread” Cryptomining AMI 2020 Initial Access: Windows 2008 Server Community AMI Impact: Cryptojacking for Monero Subscription Scam 2020 Initial Access: CentOS AMI squatting Impact: $$$ subscription price
  11. @ramimacisabird Application Vulnerability Tesla 2018 Initial Access: Globally exposed Kubernetes

    console, pod with AWS credentials Impact: Cryptojacking Imperva 2018 Initial Access: “Internal compute instance” globally accessible, “contained” AWS API key Impact: RDS snapshot stolen JW Player 2019 Initial Access: Weave Scope (publicly exposed), RCE by design Impact: Cryptojacking 1/3
  12. @ramimacisabird Capital One 2019 Initial Access: Misconfigured “firewall” (WAF), SSRF

    access to IMDS (metadata service) Impact: 100M+ credit card applications stored in S3 TeamTNT Worm 2020 Initial Access: Misconfigured Docker & k8s platforms Impact: Cryptojacking for Monero Uran Company 2021 Initial Access: Compromised Drupal with API keys Impact: Cryptomining Application Vulnerability 2/3
  13. @ramimacisabird Application Vulnerability Onus 2021 Initial Access: Log4Shell vulnerability in

    Cyclos server Impact: 2 million ONUS users’ information including EKYC data, personal information, and password hash was leaked “Cloud Metadata Abuse by UNC2903” 2022 Initial Access: Adminer CVE Impact: Unknown Escalation/ Persistence 1. AmazonS3FullAccess creds (and DB creds) in Cyclos config 2. Steals AWS credentials from ~/.aws/* 3/3
  14. @ramimacisabird Application Vulnerability Using IMDSv2 - check out SSDLC: Threat

    Model -> Design Review -> Code Review -> SAST -> Assessments Asset Inventory Prevention: Patch Management Putting internal applications on the internet
  15. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Valid Credentials Malindo Air 2019 Initial Access:

    Former employees for a third party e-commerce provider abused their access Impact: 35 million customer records 1/2 Voova 2019 Initial Access: Stolen credentials by former employee Impact: Deleted 23 servers Cisco 2018 Initial Access: Former employee with AWS access 5 months post-resignation Impact: Deleted ~450 EC2 instances
  16. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Valid Credentials Ubiquiti 2021 Initial Access: Compromised

    credentials from IT employee Lastpass (alleged former employee insider threat) Impact: root administrator access to all AWS accounts, extortion “Insider Threat Scenario” 2020 Initial Access: Fired employee uses credentials Impact: Deleted production databases 2/2 Escalation/ Persistence 1. Access CI/CD server, create a new user, steal credentials
  17. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Valid Credentials Standardize and automate offboarding Manage

    third party risk Least privilege applications and services Prevention: Improve logging, monitoring, and detection: Time/Location/Activity heuristics
  18. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Stolen Credentials Code Spaces 2014 Initial Access:

    AWS Console Credentials (Phishing?) Impact: Wiped S3 buckets, EC2 instances, AMIs, EBS snapshots Datadog 2016 Initial Access: CI/CD AWS access key and SSH private key leaked Impact: 3 EC2 instances and subset of S3 buckets Uber 2016 Initial Access: Private Github Repo with AWS credentials Impact: Names and driver’s license numbers of 600k drivers; PII of 57 million users 1/5
  19. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Stolen Credentials OneLogin 2017 Initial Access: AWS

    keys Impact: Accessed database tables (with encrypted data) DXC Technologies 2017 Initial Access: Private AWS key exposed via Github Impact: 244 EC2 instances started Cameo 2020 Initial Access: Credentials in mobile app package Impact: Access to backend infrastructure, including user data 2/5 Open Exchange Rates 2020 Initial Access: Third-party compromise exposing access key Impact: User database
  20. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Stolen Credentials Natures Basket 2020 Initial Access:

    Hard-coded root keys in source code exposed via public S3 bucket Impact: Responsible disclosure Animal Jam 2020 Initial Access: Slack compromise exposes AWS credentials Impact: User database Juspay 2021 Initial Access: Compromised old, unrecycled Amazon Web Services (AWS) access key Impact: Masked card data, email IDs and phone numbers 3/5
  21. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Stolen Credentials 20/20 Network 2021 Initial Access:

    Compromised credential Impact: S3 buckets accessed then deleted LogicGate 2021 Initial Access: Compromised credentials Impact: Backup files in S3 stolen Kaspersky 2021 Initial Access: Compromised SES token from third party Impact: Phishing attacks 4/5
  22. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Stolen Credentials “Alert-to-fix in AWS” 2020 Initial

    Access: Root IAM user access key compromised Impact: Cryptojacking “A key pair to remember” 2021 Initial Access: 8 IAM access keys compromised Impact: Command line access to EC2 instances “From CLI to console, chasing an attacker in AWS” 2021 Initial Access: Credentials in publicly available code repository Impact: Cryptomining (prevented) 5/5
  23. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Stolen Credentials Escalation/ Persistence 1. Attacker created

    additional accounts/access keys 2. Attacker attempted to pivot with customer credentials 3. Attacker created EC2 instances 4. Attacker generated SSH keys for EC2 instances 5. Attacker backdoored security groups 6. Attacker used AttachUserPolicy for privilege escalation
  24. @ramimacisabird Abuse of Stolen Credentials Follow IAM Best Practices: MFA,

    key rotation Audit and monitor privileging Prevention: Using IAM users Storing credentials in code
  25. @ramimacisabird Unknown DNC Hack by the GRU 2016 Initial Access:

    Unknown, test clusters breached Impact: Tableau and Vertica Queries Flexbooker 2021 Initial Access: ??? Impact: 3.7M first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, "encrypted" passwords Escalation/ Persistence 1. EC2 Snapshots copied to attacker AWS accounts
  26. @ramimacisabird Threat Actors 1. Monero mining is primary monitization a.

    RCE & Brute force passwords b. 8220 Mining Group (chinese speaking) • Docker and k8s targeting c. Rocke (chinese speaking) • JS backdoors d. Pacha Group (chinese speaking) • lot of evasion, advanced anti-analysis 2. Dark web market exists for public cloud access 3. Docker-focused malware (XoRDDOS, Groundhog and Tsunami) 4. Denonia (lambda targeting malware) The Usual Suspects: A Look at Threat Actors Targeting the Cloud and their Battle for Superiority 2021 IBM Security X-Force Cloud Threat Landscape Report https://www.cadosecurity.com/cado-discovers-denonia-the-first-malware-specifically-targeting-lambda/
  27. @ramimacisabird Thank you! 👋 Key references: https:/ /blog.christophetd.fr/cloud-security-breaches-and-vulnerabilities-2021-in-review/ https:/ /tldrsec.com/blog/cloud-security-orienteering/

    https:/ /summitroute.com/downloads/aws_security_maturity_roadmap-Summit_Route.pdf https:/ /www.marcolancini.it/2021/blog-cloud-security-roadmap/ Stop by Adrien Coquet from NounProject.com Starting by Luis Prado from NounProject.com Rami McCarthy, 2022 Slides: https:/ /speakerdeck.com/ramimac/learning-from-aws-custome r-security-incidents-2022