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Makerspaces & Makers

Makerspaces & Makers

An overview of Makerspaces and Makers for the ARMA Milwaukee Organization.

Pete Prodoehl

August 20, 2014

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  1. Makerspaces & Makers
    Pete Prodoehl

    Communications Director / Board Member

    Milwaukee Makerspace
    Conceive, Collaborate, Create

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  2. What is a “Makerspace”?
    •A makerspace is a physical place where
    people can create real-world things.
    •A shared workshop with tools and
    equipment most people don’t own.
    •A community of makers, builders,
    inventors, tinkerers and learners.

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  3. Where are these Makerspaces?
    •Milwaukee Makerspace - Milwaukee, WI
    •Sector67 - Madison, WI
    •Pumping Station: One - Chicago, IL
    •The Hack Factory - Minneapolis, MN
    •i3Detroit - Detroit, MI
    •OmniCorpDetroit - Detroit, MI

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  4. Where are these Makerspaces?
    •The Bodgery - Madison, WI
    •Whitewater Makerspace - Whitewater, WI
    •Appleton Makerspace - Appleton, WI
    •MakerPlayce - Mayville, WI

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  5. Are There Tools?
    Access Control System, Central Air Compressor, Portable Air Compressor, Welding Exhaust Fan, PCB/Chem Lab Exhaust Fan, Electric
    Forklift, Scissor Lift, Hand Tools, Safety Cabinet, Shop Vac, Power Tools, Hack Rack, HP LaserJet Printer: Krambo, Space Invaders Pinball
    Machine, Kuka KR 30 Industrial Robot Arm, Table Top, Gear Lathe (Central Machinery), Drill Press (Speedway), Vertical Mill (Gorton),
    Metal Lathe (South Bend Lathe Works), Bandsaw, Vertical (Do-All), #07/Drill Presses & Table (Rockwell), Cut-off/Chop Saw
    (Milwaukee), Hydraulic Press, Disc Sander, Bandsaw, Horizontal (Ohio Forge ProSeries) moved to casting area, Bandsaw, Horizontal
    (Wilton), Bench Grinder (Farm & Fleet), Bench Grinder (Delta), Metal Pan & Box Brake (Central Machinery), Cut-off/Chop Saw
    (Hitachi), 7x12 Bandsaw, Vertical/Horizontal with coolant tank (Wilton), Bench Top Lathe (Delta), Bridgeport Mill (to be upgraded to
    CNC), Hand Grinder (Skil), Hand Grinder (Chicago), Drill Bits, Taps, etc., Nuts, Bolts, Etc., Big Vise, Metal Shop Vac, Bandsaw,
    Horizontal (Ohio Forge ProSeries), Electric Kiln, Forge, Little Forge, Casting Furnace, Centrifugal Spin Caster, Anvil, Post Vise, Forging
    Hammers, Other Forging Tools, Electric Arc Welder (Lincoln), TIG/Arc Welder (Chicago Electric), Arc Welder 1 (Hobart), Arc Welder
    2 (Hobart), Ultrafeed 1000 (Hobart), Various welder parts, #30 Drill Press (Craftsman), #31 Drill Press (King Feng Fu), #32 Wood
    Band Saw (Ridgid), #33 Compound Miter Saw (Dewalt), #34 Jointer (Ridgid), #35 Contractor Grade Compound Miter Saw, #36 Panel
    Saw (SSC), #37 Planer (Ridgid), #38 CNC Router, #39 Router Table (Craftsman), #40 Router Table (Vermont American), #41 Scroll
    Saw (Delta), #42 Table Saw (Ridgid) - moved to vault, #43 Bench Top Lathe (Wilton) - removed, #44 Table Saw (Duracraft), #45 Lathe
    Tools, #46 Disc Sander (Central Machinery) - removed, #47 Portable Air Compressor - removed, #48 Combination Disc/Belt Sander
    (Delta) - removed, Combination Disc/Belt Sander (Craftsman), Router Table (Rockler), ULS Laser Cutter (60 watt), ULS Laser Cutter
    (25 watt) - Offline, Exhaust Blower Fan (both laser cutters), Air Assist Vac Pump (on 60 watt only), #xx: Laser Cutter (40 watt),
    Makerbot Replicator, CNC Engraver, 3D Printing Computers, 3D Scanner, PowerMac G5, Components Library, Testing Equipment,
    Cables and Cords, Logic Analyzer, Surface Mount Components, Heat Guns, Glue Guns, Soldering Irons, Label Makers, Pliers,
    Screwdrivers, Heat Shrink Tubing, Zip/Cable Ties, Tape, PCB Etching Chemicals, Video Microscope, Sigma DP1 Digital Camera, Parts
    Washer, Embroidery Machine, Embroidery Computer w/ perph card, White Sewing Machine, Kenmore Sewing Machine, Silk Screening
    Rig, Printing Press, Vacuum Former, Pottery Wheel, Singer Sewing Machine, Portable Singer Sewing Machine, Old Lincoln Electric Arc
    Welder, 4-ton Hydraulic Press (Denison) (moved off site), Brake Shear Roll, Green Belt Sander, Scroll Saw (Ryobi), Drill Press
    (Burgmaster), Plasma Cutter (MAC Tools)


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  8. http://wiki.milwaukeemakerspace.org/equipment
    •Meeting Room
    •Electronics Lab
    •Wood Shop
    •Metal Shop
    •Welding Area
    •Craft Area
    •Casting Area
    •Forging Area
    •Laser Cutter Room
    •Photo Studio
    •3D Printing Area
    •Ceramics Area
    Areas of Interest

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  9. 16,000 sq ft

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  10. It’s full of MAKERS!

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  36. We are Makers!
    “After you make something
    awesome, you're not done...
    you have to share it with the
    world. That's just as important.”

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  37. Thanks!
    Pete Prodoehl

    Communications Director / Board Member

    Milwaukee Makerspace

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