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Intern at Tokopedia as UX Designer

Ravi Mahfunda
December 18, 2019

Intern at Tokopedia as UX Designer

Let me tell a story about what I learned from my first UX Design career with Tokopedia. It was awesome and worth to be told.

Ravi Mahfunda

December 18, 2019

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  1. Hi, I’m Ravi A UX Designer Intern at TopAds Tribe,

    from Telkom University Bandung. I just getting started my UX Career on Tokopedia. And I’m gonna tell you my story...
  2. At the first time I got onboard, and i knew

    that i’m going to join TopAds Tribe. My mind got wondering, what is TopAds? I never heard of it before, and it turned out that is the Ads Mechanism for Tokopedia Seller. It takes me a day for understanding what TopAds is? And explore to all of the existing TopAds feature. The first impression is... well, it’s so complicated.
  3. My onboard mentor Riana, Dwiki, Hilmi show me what TopAds

    is. What is the means of CTR, SRP, PDP. A lot of questioning those day. While waiting for my actual mentor that was leaving for workshop. TopAds
  4. The first task that given to me was to do

    some Heuristic Evaluation on TopAds current flow. It takes me travel around TopAds and look for flaws that we need to fix. As an outsider, i see Tokopedia as a mature products. Turned out that it has so many flaws that i never notice before. The hashtag #KamiBaruMulai was true i guees, we still need to improve. bit.ly/TopAdsHE-Ravi See my work here!
  5. As a newcomer in UX Design, this is my first

    professional experience working as a UX Designer. In my tribe we use Figma as the main tool that i familiar with. But in my tribe, we use Figma like i never imagine before. We do a sprint in it. Using the real time collaboration features. #PaperlessWorkshop #FigmaFTW
  6. But the most memorable moment is when we working on

    some prototype that have due time tommorow for a Usability Testing and only got 1 hours working hours left at that day . So go on it together, around 5 person at a same time. That was awesome
  7. My mentor always give constructive feedbacks, in design, ideation, review,

    documents, all of those And even I was encouraged to speakup my opinion, there are no discrimination even though i just an intern. I can deliver my opinion equally. Sometimes my ideas are crazy, but sometime it is brilliant. They always appriciate it. *My mentor Rio
  8. There is one person that i amaze the most, she

    was my senior Zahrah. Even though she has a ton of experiences, she already on her 6th year on Tokopedia, but she ask an opinion to me. Discuss like no boundaries. Even interested with my personal stories and motivation. *Let me just put her picture here Humble to the ground
  9. Doing a lot of testing teach me that it was

    never user’s fault, it was always our fault by not giving the best. Maybe we constrainted by possibilities, but we always need to seek more. Improvement and #MakeItBetter
  10. “When you can’t find the answer, that means your approach

    is wrong” I encountered several time when i stuck at a design process. And my mentor always remind me to double check the concept, the flow. Make a clear of the big picture. Sometime we just need take a step back to see the big picture.
  11. Our product itself is have some big milestone to catch

    up. Especially when our product is a product who help users to gain their success. Keep designing, testing, and iterating. Their success, our success right? Our Products
  12. I found some issues from the team management that we

    can improve, and I already told it to our lead. Which will be need a participation of all the team members. With more structured, yet flexible management. It will boost up our team productivity, mentality to speak-up, and openess to personal discussion. Our Teamwork
  13. There was several process that I see have an opportunities

    for improvement. Like implement and build our internal design library, considering TopAds have a lot of custom component that not included in UNIFY. And documentation for it, so we can back at it and revamp it with previous research without breaking it. In my opinion TopAds’ learning curves is high. So i guess it will help when our team scales. Our Process
  14. I always feel blessed ... to have an opportunity for

    taking my first UX Career in Tokopedia, in challenging TopAds Tribe, and with awesome people like you guys.