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How to Build Your UX Portfolios

Ravi Mahfunda
September 07, 2019

How to Build Your UX Portfolios

A step by step how to build your portfolios in 6 months to prepare for the top companies.

Ravi Mahfunda

September 07, 2019

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  1. Hi, I’m Ravi I'm a highly curious man. Love to

    be amazed. Encourage the culture of sharing and discussion.
  2. i’m from software engineering major i have some experiences in

    both web and mobile development i have few certification in mobile app development
  3. Why I need to evaluate myself UX Portfolios 1. to

    proof myself worthy 2. bump up my ux career 3.
  4. must-to-read books dont make me think steve krug sprint jake

    knapp just enough research erika hall bit.ly/ux-ebooks
  5. for me, it was 6 month, but for you ...

    3 month is more than enough