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Mandiri WTH | Milena

Mandiri WTH | Milena

Ravi Mahfunda

July 25, 2019

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  2. Jakata’s Millenials spend around

    JUST for the lifestyle needs

    in 2018
    3.2 million rupiah each month
    Source: moneysmart.id

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  3. present
    because millenials

    live in

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  4. Consumtive Lifestyle
    Good Future

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  5. What if...
    this consumtive lifestyle could prepare their future

    instead of ruin it

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  6. mandiri investment for millenials

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  7. how it works
    First, millenials do their consumtive lifestyle
    but, in this case they use mandiri as the payment gateway
    but, this cashback is only able to use for certain thing
    Second, they could get cashback from their purchases
    And YES, the certain thing is investment
    that is how we trick millenials to do investment

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  8. market size
    in 2018
    There are 90 MILLION population of millenials

    in Indonesia
    And mandiri has 17 MILLION of customer in Indonesia

    which 43% of it are millenials

    and will growing fast
    why? because we engage the culture of millenials
    Source: ekonomi.kompas.com, inews.id

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  9. why this is so important?
    For mandiri and merchants

    Showing an awareness of millenials issues

    on consumtive lifestyle
    For us (millenials)

    A way to relieve from guilty pleasure of

    consumtive lifestyle and future worried
    fun way
    “investment the ”

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  10. you can pay with mandiri

    via QR Code Scan
    Payment made easy
    add your saving goals

    for this investment
    A dream to reach
    how to use milena

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  11. make sure your transaction

    detail is valid
    Pay the bill
    obtain various cashback

    from your purchase
    Get the cashback
    scan the provided QR Code

    to complete the transaction
    Scan the QR Code
    how to use milena

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  12. gain every step in

    your transaction
    Collect your mountain
    choose your investment
    Invest NOW
    how to use milena

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  13. next development
    adding variant investment type
    inflation prediction
    integration with fiestapoin

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  14. thank you
    “let’s investing consumtively”

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