Lean UX for MVPs

122c67ce0fdc3f270e8cd9017dca8068?s=47 Ravi Suhag
November 12, 2014

Lean UX for MVPs


Ravi Suhag

November 12, 2014


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    Faster, the better More time it takes to complete, the

    less valuable it becomes..
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    UX Process • Site Audit (usability study of existing assets)

    • Flows and Navigation Maps • User stories or Scenarios • User segmentations and Persona (Fictitious users to act out the scenarios) • Site Maps and Content Inventory • Wireframes (screen blueprints or storyboards) • Prototypes (For interactive or in-the-mind simulation) • Written specifications (describing the behavior or design) • Graphic mockups (Precise visual of the expected end result)
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    LEAN UX / Minimal UX Lean UX is not Minimal

    UX …
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