IoT Without the Hype

2769d4f1f9abeb4dd2438ff636a9e4dc?s=47 Ray Hightower
December 17, 2015

IoT Without the Hype

Delivered at LinuxBarbados on Thursday, December 17, 2015.

Every great technology started as a toy. People played with kites and paper airplanes for thousands of years before the Wright Brothers achieved powered flight. Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage toyed with the analytical engine over a hundred years before the digital computer.

Today, IoT enthusiasts fly toy drones, while professional photographers use similar devices to capture breathtaking photos. IoT youth groups build and compete with toy robots, while warehouse managers use industrial versions of the same robot to reduce costs and speed up delivery times.

The Internet of Things is grown up and ready to do real work. All it needs is you.

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Ray Hightower

December 17, 2015