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Networking strategies

Networking strategies

An ordered list of 10 strategies for networking for scientific researchers and community engagement managers. These networking strategies can be grouped into three main categories: social media, event planning, and event attendees.

Rayna M Harris

January 17, 2019

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  1. CEFP 2019| January 2019 Networking with social media Develop your

    online identity or brand. Share work that you develop and promote the work of others. Add images and your own commentary. 1 2 3 4 Be careful of hot button issues.
  2. CEFP 2019| January 2019 Networking for event organizers Organize activities

    where people can collaborate and converse casually. Introductions set the stage for building relationships. Create and use online communication platforms. 5 6 7 Carpentry Meetup at PyCon 2018
  3. CEFP 2019| January 2019 Networking for event attendees Give a

    memorable and entertaining presentations. Introduce yourself to people and follow up afterwards. Tweet and blog about your experiences. 8 9 10 OpenCon 2018 Do-A-Thon