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rOpenSci Community Call: Managing Multilingual Communities

rOpenSci Community Call: Managing Multilingual Communities

rOpenSci’s community is increasingly international and multilingual. While we have operated primarily in English, we now receive submissions of packages from authors whose primary language is not. As we expand our community in this way, we want to learn from the experience of other organizations. How can we manage our peer-review process and open-source projects to be welcoming to non-native English speakers? Our guest speakers will include Rayna Harris, who has co-led work with The Carpentries in the internationalization of curricula, and Emilio Bruna, who as editor-in-chief of Biotropica, manages a journal with a heavily tropical-country audience and authorship base. The call was moderated by Melina Vidoni, an associate editor for rOpenSci software peer review. There will be 20 minutes for Q & A following the presentations. https://ropensci.org/blog/2019/06/13/commcall-jun2019/

This deck includes the slides used by Rayna Harris.

Rayna M Harris

June 28, 2019

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