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Karl Weinmeister: Pushing the boundaries of Swift to the Server

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June 14, 2016

Karl Weinmeister: Pushing the boundaries of Swift to the Server

Swift is a robust language for mobile but cloud development opens the door to new opportunities for today's top app developers. Integrating projects to backend systems can sometimes be problematic, requiring new tools and skills. It doesn't have to be; end-to-end Swift opens the door to radically simpler app dev so we can all focus on the engagement. We'll demonstrate how easy it is to work with Swift on the server with the IBM Swift Sandbox and introduce our IBM Cloud Tools for Swift beta app, which simplifies the management and deployment of server-side assets using a local development environment and complements a Swift developer's familiar Xcode environment.



June 14, 2016


  1. Swift @ IBM Engineering Team Karl Weinmeister (@kweinmeister) Robert Dickerson

    (@rfdickerson) Andy Smith (@andybs) June 14th, 2016 Pushing the Boundaries of Swift to the Server
  2. Today’s fastest growing 2016 ranking on RedMonk Survey, up from

    #68 in 2014 # Stars on GitHub in less than 6 months Now the 2nd most loved language according to the 2016 stackoverflow survey programming language
  3. So what does this mean?

  4. Extending Swift to the server

  5. Modern Application Design End Users User-facing Client Apps App Services

    3rd Party Services On Prem Services Integrated Developer Experience
  6. Sharing code and tools along the way

  7. IBM Swift Sandbox Simplify the ability to build and run

    code in the cloud 1.5 Million executions of code since launch https://swiftlang.ng.bluemix.net • Save or share your code • Try different Swift versions • View popular snippets • And more coming…
  8. Swift Runtime http://www.ibm.com/cloud- computing/bluemix/swift/

  9. Kitura A Swift Web Framework and HTTP Server

  10. Available on Github As of June 2016, over 40 non-IBM

    PRs and 3000 stars Swift 3 and SPM Compatible Support for OS X, Linux, Docker, Vagrant https://github.com/IBM-Swift/Kitura
  11. IBM Swift Package Catalog Find packages that support Swift Package

    Manager Try out samples in the Swift Sandbox 1500+ Packages and Growing https://swiftpkgs.ng.bluemix.net/
  12. Taking a next step in simplifying local/cloud deployment

  13. Introducing IBM Cloud Tools for Swift Integrated into the Mac

    Experience Create new projects or leverage existing templates Manage, deploy and update your cloud simply IBM Cloud Tools for Swift cloudtools.bluemix.net
  14. Let’s take a tour…

  15. Swift, meet Watson and Slack /weather What is the temperature?

    Natural Language Classifier Insights for Weather The temperature in San Francisco is 68° F.
  16. Learn More about Swift @ IBM https://developer.ibm.com/swift The Swift@IBM devCenter

    Join IBM Swift Engineering and leverage the latest resources The Swift@IBM devCenter Join IBM Swift Engineering and leverage the latest resources
  17. Q & A

  18. Thank you! https://developer.ibm.com/swift/