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Why you need technical SEO for a great online strategy - bSEO April 2023

Why you need technical SEO for a great online strategy - bSEO April 2023

By looking at concrete examples of how real people address real issues through technical SEO today, Rebecca will show that SEOs from key industries and diverse companies have built technical SEO into their strategy — and why they've done it. You'll walk away with an overview of the world of technical SEO today, and a demonstration of how it is a critical part of solutions implemented as part of an organic growth or acquisition strategy.

Talk given at BrightonSEO in April 2023

Rebecca Berbel

April 20, 2023

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  1. Why you need technical SEO to build a great online

    strategy https://speakerdeck.com/rebberbel @RebBerbel Rebecca Berbel ONCRAWL
  2. @RebBerbel “Technical SEO doesn't always occupy the place it should

    in our priorities. It's what I end up spending the largest portion of my time on.” — Rémi Nestasio
  3. @RebBerbel technical stuff The that we do to the technical

    parts of a website, for SEO purposes
  4. @RebBerbel technical stuff The that we do to the technical

    parts of a website, for SEO purposes
  5. @RebBerbel technical stuff The that we do to the technical

    parts of a website, for SEO purposes
  6. @RebBerbel E-com m erce Classifieds & Catalogs New s O

    ther Technical SEO projects Internal links Evangelization Crawl /Indexing Testing, Monitoring, QA Migrations Internationalization Speed / CWV Keywords & Entities UX & Accessibility Other
  7. @RebBerbel "You have to think technical SEO when you have

    high volumes of pages: your site relies on automated solutions and everything needs to be handled algorithmically." — Hervé Le Turdu
  8. @RebBerbel "The technology behind this site is 15 years old,

    and it can take [a drawn-out procedure] to change any element." — Natalia Witczyk
  9. @RebBerbel "It brings enormous SEO value to a website to

    create a structure and ensure it stays in place. New pages need to also be incorporated with links to and from other pages." — Omi Sido
  10. @RebBerbel “We have a multidisciplinary team — our SEO team

    is actually part of our product IT team.” — Antonio Lasaga
  11. @RebBerbel "You as a technical SEO can help in defining

    focus topics and contribute in a cross-functional team." — Nicolas Bergmann
  12. @RebBerbel “Technical SEO looks really simple until you get into

    it, and then in practice it's another story. [...] It's never critical until it really is.” — Antoine Eripret
  13. @RebBerbel Address the effects of core updates Some types of

    sites are more susceptible than others
  14. @RebBerbel "A lot of this is about crawling. Obviously linking

    and navigation is going to play a big part in how Google crawls our sites and understands our content. — Simon Glanville
  15. @RebBerbel "We're really interested in using logs to find points

    of user friction and study both performance and UX. [Our technical SEO team] balances perfecting the site's UX and perfecting it for Google. — Melissa Wong
  16. @RebBerbel "We've found that Discover is powered by links and

    entities more than keywords; [our performance improves] when we reinforce the correlation between links and recognized entities." — Nicolas Bergmann
  17. @RebBerbel "Developers believe [CWV] are important, so it offers an

    access to their backlog." — Hervé Le Turdu
  18. @RebBerbel "You need a strong foundation to be able to

    build on it. Technical SEO is the core of SEO." — Mustafa Elnager
  19. @RebBerbel “Corona seemed to make technical SEO more important: sites

    wanted generalist SEO but they realized the benefits they needed were from technical SEO.” — Emilia Gjorgjevska
  20. @RebBerbel Dedicate dev time to SEO Allocate the right resources

    (Prioritize) Get the basics right Use the right tools
  21. @RebBerbel "There's a technical element to SEO in general, but

    it can get way more complicated: we might not be talking about just inserting JSON code for an entity, but maybe recognizing entities with AI first." — Roxana Stingu
  22. @RebBerbel "Manual monitoring at scale is impossible. I need crawl

    alerting and dashboards that allow me to be proactive and vigilant." — Madeline Pinthon
  23. @RebBerbel "Sometimes we spend more time fixing regressions than creating

    progress through pure technical SEO. A tool like Oncrawl with its crawl comparison features helps a lot with non-regression checks." — Rémi Nestasio
  24. @RebBerbel Drive increased ROI and business success with your website

    Scale your audits, investigations, monitoring, and evangelization Capture complete search engine and organic session behavior Blend data across diverse data sources for deep and revealing analyses Automatiser, personnaliser et connecter avec d'autres briques de votre workflow SEO ou BI Industry-leading Technical SEO Data for Competitive Websites www.oncrawl.com
  25. @RebBerbel Anett Pohl Antoine Eripret Antonio Lasaga Can Menteş Damien

    Robert Emilia Gjorgjevska Hervé Le Turdu Madeline Pinthon Melissa Wong Mustafa Elnager Natalia Witczyk Nicolas Bergmann Omi Sido Roxana Stingu Rémi Nestasio Simon Glanville
  26. @RebBerbel Come see me at the Oncrawl booth to talk

    about technical SEO! Thank you!