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OpenShift Commons Briefing: OpenShift and GitHub Actions

OpenShift Commons Briefing: OpenShift and GitHub Actions

The OpenShift Extension for GitHub Actions gives you the ability to create workflows to automate the deployment process to OpenShift. In this session, Github’s John Bohannon will give an overview of Github Actions, demonstrate how to use them in conjunction with OpenShift, and answer questions from the audience.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/B_Y8re_5cr8

Red Hat Livestreaming

April 06, 2021

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  1. • Hardware engineer turned web developer 😇 • Almost always

    drinking coffee ☕ • Almost never remembering to water his one houseplant 🌱 • Enjoys running, traveling, time with family and dog 🐶 • Ask him about: GitHub platform, APIs, products 😎 Intros John Bohannon Sr. Partner Engineer GitHub @imjohnbo
  2. • Virtual Machine and Tools Developer with a proud history

    in Smalltalk • Spend time with family, fishing, photography and growing food • As me about runtimes, tools, devops, gitops, exploiting cloud technology for developers and of course Smalltalk Intros John Duimovich Experience Architect, Outerloop Red Hat @jduimovich
  3. GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your software

    workflows, complete with world-class CI/CD. • #1 CI provider on GitHub • Linux, Mac, Windows, and containers • Matrix builds • Easy to write, easy to share • Streaming, searchable, linkable logs • Built-in secret store • Artifact caching • Comprehensive RESTful API • GitHub-hosted or self hosted runners • Event-driven or schedule-driven • Available on GitHub.com and GitHub Enterprise Server GitHub Actions
  4. Terminology Workflow Automation-as-code that you can set up in your

    repository. Events 30+ workflow triggers, including on schedule and from external systems. Actions Community-powered units of work that you can use as steps to create a job in a workflow.
  5. Community GitHub Actions is powered by an open ecosystem and

    community contributions. • Workflows: actions/starter-workflows • Actions: GitHub Marketplace • Tooling: actions/toolkit
  6. A suite of actions abstracting common usage patterns with Red

    Hat 🎉 • Buildah and S2I builder actions • Push to container registry • OpenShift login • OpenShift Client Installer • OpenShift Runners • Serverless Deploy Use from your own workflows or the OpenShift starter workflow: uses: redhat-actions/oc-login@v1 Red Hat and GitHub Actions
  7. ` ACTIONS GitHub and OpenShift Roadmap Near Term Mid Term

    Long Term ` ACTIONS RUNNER • Configuration of RH Entitlements • Test cluster provisioning from Actions • Quay.io Registry Actions (Clair scans) • CRDA CI Integration • VPN to private clusters • Tekton Task Runner Action (shift left) Basic Actions • Login/Authentication • Deploy an Application to OpenShift • OpenShift CLI Pak • Buildah builder, S2i Builder • Knative / Serverless deploy • Publish actions to GitHub Marketplace • Build Runner using UBI / RHEL • Enable Runner using Helm or Operator • Available on OperatorHub/OpenShift • Single User/Repo Runner on OpenShift • Helm Installer for OpenShift Runner ` App ` ACTIONS RUNNER j RUNNER ` App ` App • Org runner/auth integrations • Operator for Runner • Workflow execution on OpenShift pipelines • Console integrations for builds/status via GitHub build strategy (hybrid, shipwright) • Operator for Runner Install/Manage • Single User Bot to Manage Secrets, tokens • Install/Manage runners for namespace • Integration to Sandbox, login/auth • SaaS Manage OpenShift GitHub App • Integrated OpenShift Gitops