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The Bits Behind JS Bin

The Bits Behind JS Bin

The story behind JS Bin, how it came to be, why it moved to Node, the drivers and some of the challenges in running the app.

Remy Sharp

June 10, 2014

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  1. • 415,000 uniques/month (2mil page views) • 30-35 queries per

    second • 69,000+ registered users • 9.6mil bins in total / 1.5mil "owned" bins • 48 timers & lots of iframes!
  2. Originally a PHP hack • Inspired by XHR insolation issues

    • Proceeded by ugliness (codedumper.com) • Tipping point: John Resig's http://ejohn.org/apps/learn/ • Approximately 4 hours of dev to live
  3. Förbind: how it works express socket.io mongodb ejs Tightly coupled

    collections listening for messages, then firing it on all open connections. Restart and it all breaks...
  4. Pros of Node for JS Bin • CodeCasting & live

    reload (across all platforms) • Easy local and dependency free installs • Some code reuse, lots of knowledge reuse.
  5. Author JS Bin XHR save on keypress DB spike.js update

    event IE8 Chrome xbox iOS Firefox OS etc SSE push The Spike
  6. • Client saves on keypress • Server on save triggers

    "spike update" event with bin passed to event • Spike searches for sessions interested in that bin, and sends the updated panel
  7. Good Side Effect • XSS recently fixed using postMessage &

    run.jsbin.com • IE7 doesn't support postMessage • But IE7 does LiveReload - so IE still works & securely
  8. Local installs • Always possible since day #1 on github

    • Now via `npm install -g jsbin` • Windows support is (now) pretty solid
  9. Database upgrades via npm • Package.json "scripts": { "install": "build/install.js",

    "preupdate": "build/pre-update.js", "postupdate": "build/post-update.js" }, • Pre-update - saves current version • Post-update - uses semver & checks upgrade/<version>/*.sql
  10. Dependency free •USB contains Node binaries for all platforms, code

    & dependancies •Saves to raw HTML files on USB stick •For teaching in strict tech environment
  11. • Paid/donated • Alternative domain (ie. jsbin.leftlogic.com) • Each dev

    runs under rem.jsbin.leftlogic.com • Now we can remotely view each other's work ngrok
  12. .git/hooks/post-merge remy@jsbin:/WWW/jsbin$ git pull remote: Counting objects: 19, done. remote:

    Compressing objects: 100% (7/7), done. remote: Total 11 (delta 8), reused 7 (delta 4) Unpacking objects: 100% (11/11), done. From git://github.com/remy/jsbin a7bf4f8..f99beff master -> origin/master * [new branch] feature/menu-update -> origin/feature/menu-up Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy. test/loop_detection_test.js | 12 +++++++++++- 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) rebuild jsbin.js? [Y/n] y building public js Running "concat:dist" (concat) task File "public/js/prod/jsbin-3.4.8.js" created. Running "concat:runner" (concat) task File "public/js/prod/runner-3.4.8.js" created. Running "uglify:dist" (uglify) task Source Map "public/js/prod/jsbin.map.json" created. File "public/js/prod/jsbin-3.4.8.min.js" created. Running "uglify:runner" (uglify) task File "public/js/prod/runner-3.4.8.min.js" created. Done, without errors. restart jsbin? [Y/n] y restarting forever info: Forever restarted processes: data: uid command script forever pid logfile
  13. Upstart console log stop on shutdown respawn respawn limit 20

    5 post-start script # log that we restarted logger -is -t "$UPSTART_JOB" ">>>>>>>> jsbin restart" # email the last 100 lines from the log tail -100 /var/log/upstart/jsbin.log | mail -s "ALARM: jsbin restart" [email protected] end script script set -e # make sure you only write out to /var/log/upstart/<task> exec sudo -u www-data PORT=8000 /usr/local/bin/node /WWW/jsbin/ 2>&1 end script https://github.com/jsbin-org/production/blob/master/apps.jsbin.com/etc/init/jsbin.conf
  14. •URLs - probably not fixable •Database choice - fixable hard

    •Database adapter logic - fixable easy •Near total lack of tests - fix in progress Mistakes
  15. Sustainability: Pro • Dropbox support & live syncing • Bin

    playback & annotation • Sass, SCSS, smart screenshots... • Branded JS Bin's ala http://emberjs.jsbin.com