I Know | Part 1

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September 08, 2019

I Know | Part 1

In Genesis, God divinely creates human beings institutes marriage and sex. To ‘know’ someone was the description of a sexually intimate act and was not casual but sacred and committed.

Knowing this, we can understand how we should conduct ourselves in such an individualised and over sexualised society. We consider the changing attitudes towards sex in culture and how effectively we, as a church community, can respond in a biblical manner of surrender, self-sacrifice, faithfulness and holiness - whether married or single!

In this series we aim we want to provide a biblical, positive outlook of the context for sex and show how this is a great thing for humanity in both marriage and singleness. To give a clear biblical picture for God’s divine intention for sex and relationships and to teach this as the foundation for our church community.



September 08, 2019