Stress To Impress | Part 2

Stress To Impress | Part 2

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Stress To Impress
We all have varying degrees of stress that causes our life to be in tension. Stress a reaction to particular life events or patterns and can cause people significant problems. Difficulties that were previously manageable might become much more challenging to cope with. This can produce common signs and symptoms which have internal and external impact.

We would all like to manage and reduce stress in our lives. To do that, not only must we avoid what is unhealthy, but find a rhythm in God that redistributes those pressures. Most of us, keep busy to impress others, or have ways of living that though are enforced upon us we can still do something about. Others avoid life altogether, either way, we have a burden carrying God that wants us to cope with the demands and pressures of life.

This series acknowledges that we all at times struggle to cope and can feel overwhelmed by life. We aim for a biblical understanding and application to help us reduce stress and secondly, learning how to overcome it by lifting it to Jesus.

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March 11, 2020