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Introduction to Green-e Marketplace for Businesses and Brands, Featuring Procter & Gamble and Intelligent Nutrients

Introduction to Green-e Marketplace for Businesses and Brands, Featuring Procter & Gamble and Intelligent Nutrients

This webinar gives an introduction to Green-e Marketplace, the largest renewable energy certification program for businesses and retail products in North America. With over 600 products bearing the Green-e logo, the program verifies and certifies renewable energy purchases and climate commitments and provides effective promotional tools companies can use to market those purchases. This free webinar gave an overview of how organizations of all sizes can promote their environmental sustainability through participation in Green-e Marketplace, including:

Why companies choose to go green with clean energy
The basics of corporate renewable energy purchasing
How organizations using 100% renewable energy can certify themselves and their products through Green-e
Expanded marketing and promotional benefits and new sales tools offered to Green-e participants
How environmental sustainability through clean energy use can boost sales and appeal to customers who prefer products with better environmental performance

Janell Schroeder, Research & Essential Oil Specialist, Intelligent Nutrients
Valerie Kessler, Global Energy Purchases, Procter & Gamble
Miranda Domico, Analyst, Center for Resource Solutions

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  1. Introduction to Green-e® Marketplace for Businesses and Products

  2. Presentation Roadmap • Introduction • Brief Overview of Green-e® •

    How to Source Renewable Energy • Green-e for Businesses and Products - Corporate - Products - Printers - Events • Benefits of Green-e® • Other Ways to Get Involved • Guest Speakers • Q&A
  3. Overview of Green-e®

  4. None
  5. Center for Resource Solutions • Established in 1997 • Market

    and policy solutions to advance renewable energy • Consistent monitoring of the energy policy landscape • Recognized by:
  6. Qualifying Renewable Energy Resource Types Wind Solar Biomass Small Hydro

    Geothermal Wave/Tidal
  7. How to Source Renewable Energy

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  9. Green-e® for Renewable Energy • Certification of five product types:

    • Covers all 50 states Source: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016-01/documents/purchasing_guide_for_web.pdf
  10. What is a REC? www.resource-solutions.org/learn

  11. States with Green-e® Energy Certified Renewable Electricity Options, 2017 RECs

    can be purchased regardless of location
  12. How to Purchase Green-e® Certified Renewable Energy www.green-e.org/buy For retail

    renewable Search by: • Location • Product type • Resource type
  13. Onsite Renewable Energy • Qualifying resource type - Green-e® Energy

    National Standard • Grid-connected • REC ownership
  14. Direct PPAs • Source RECs directly from a renewable energy

    generator • Green-e® certifies the transaction • Annual audit • Third-party assurances from Green-e®
  15. Green-e® for Businesses and Products

  16. Green-e® for Businesses and Products Or that a product has

    been made using 100% renewable energy The Green-e® logo indicates that a business purchases enough renewable energy to cover their electricity usage
  17. Green-e® Marketplace Benefits • Use of the Green-e® logo •

    Claims development and verification • Risk reduction • Communications support • Brand reputation
  18. Program Overview Business Operations Requirements: • Source a “qualifying amount”

    of renewable energy based on electricity load Logo uses: • Website • Marketing materials • Sales collateral • Social media • Ads • Display
  19. Program Overview Products Requirements: • Cover 100% of product manufacturing

    for products carrying the logo • Cover 100% of company headquarters electricity use Logo uses: • On-product • Web, marketing, sales, ads, etc…
  20. None
  21. Over 500 Certified Products

  22. Program Overview Printers For printers and paper manufacturers Logo uses:

    • Printed materials for customers • Website/marketing use www.green-e.org/reprint
  23. Program Overview Events • Purchase Green-e® certified carbon offsets to

    match 100% of the emissions associated with the event • And/or purchase Green-e® certified renewable energy for 100% of event’s electricity consumption • Launched at Greenbuild 2014
  24. Why Green-e®? • Recognized by 81 million U.S. consumers •

    Over 60,000 businesses purchase Green-e® certified • Differentiate your company • Strengthen brand loyalty • Product advocacy • 44% of consumers are most likely to trust non-profits • Trusted 3rd party assurance
  25. Participant Support Tools • Sales kit - Sales deck -

    Sales team training call • Communications guide • Social media kit - Infographics - Micrographics • Web banners/graphics • Case studies • Dedicated resource page
  26. Miranda Domico Green-e® Marketplace Analyst [email protected] (415) 568-4280 Resources: www.green-e.org/marketplace

    www.resource-solutions.org/learn www.renewableenergymarkets.com
  27. NEW: Marketplace for Carbon Offsets • New program in development

    • Designed for claims around carbon offset purchases to match carbon emissions • Contact [email protected] solutions.org if you are interested in being updated with the progress of program development
  28. Green-e® International • Green-e® Renewable Standard for Singapore released in

    2017 • Standards for Chile and Taiwan to be released in coming years • Opportunities for purchasers to get involved in market research and development • Developing a certification program for Renewable Natural Gas
  29. Renewable Energy Markets Conference www.renewableenergymarkets.com

  30. Guest Speakers Valerie Kessler – Global Energy Purchases, Procter &

    Gamble Janell Schroeder – Intelligent Nutrients
  31. Valerie Kessler Global Energy Purchases

  32. Within our operations we strive to grow responsibly, constantly improving

    our efficiency while reducing our footprint. Production has increased since 2010, however, we have successfully decoupled that growth from our environmental footprint, achieving both absolute and production-adjusted reductions in waste, water, energy and GHG emissions. 2020 Goal Progress
  33. P&G’s Ambition 2030 environmental sustainability goals aim to enable and

    inspire positive impact on the environment and society while creating value for the Company and consumers. Ambition 2030 WE WILL DO THIS THROUGH OUR POSITIVE IMPACT FRAMEWORK: Use the power of innovation and our brands to delight consumers and drive positive impact. BRANDS Reduce our footprint and strive for circular solutions. Create transformative partnerships that enable people, the planet and our business to thrive. SOCIETY Engage and equip P&G employees to build sustainability thinking and practices into their work and their communities. EMPLOYEES SUPPLY CHAIN 100% Renewable Electricity
  34. Green-e Claims Green-e Certification • Tyler Bluff Windfarm – Covers

    100% of P&G Fabric and Home Care locations in USA & Canada • Albany, GA - 100% Renewable Steam from waste biomass Green-e Certification Brand claims • Herbal Essences bio:renew • “In 2016, we began purchasing certified renewable electricity credits, which come from windmills, for our Iowa City plant. This ensures that more renewable energy is added to the electricity grid, displacing conventional fuels like coal, nuclear or natural gas from the electricity system. Green-e’s® program certifies that the Renewable Energy Certificates we purchase meet strict environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions.” • Pampers Pure Protection • Made with 100% certified renewable electricity and sustainably sourced wood pulp.
  35. None
  36. • Creating plant-based, environmentally conscious hair care and styling products

    since 2008 • Founded by Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda • In addition to Green-e®, certified to Leaping Bunny, USDA Organic and/or COSMOS-Organic • Purchase wind locally for products manufactured in-house, and RECs for products manufactured at partner facilities • The Green-e® symbol is on over 90 Intelligent Nutrient Products • We are proud to go the extra mile – the added consumer protection of a 3rd party verification are highly valued
  37. Questions & Answers

  38. Miranda Domico Green-e® Marketplace Analyst [email protected] (415) 568-4280 Resources: www.green-e.org/marketplace

    www.resource-solutions.org/learn www.renewableenergymarkets.com
  39. Sources: 2017 Verification Report: https://resource-solutions.org/g2017/ 2015 State of Sustainability in

    America Report – Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) www.green-e.org