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Securing Your (RESTful) API

Securing Your (RESTful) API

Options on securing Your (RESTful) API with a focus on JSON web tokens (JWTs) and web storage. View code at https://github.com/reubano/arusha-coders-api.

Reuben Cummings

May 05, 2015

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  1. What’s an API? An application programming interface (API) is a

    standardized way of accessing data from a web server
  2. What’s REST? It uniquely identifies data resources via HTTP uris

    /api.example.com/bike /api.example.com/user /api.example.com/car/43
  3. What’s REST? A standard interface for interacting with resources GET

    /api.example.com/bike/300 {"brand": "Schwinn", "color": "red"}
  4. What’s a JSON Web Token? A base64 encoded JSON object

    that represents a payload to be transferred between two parties.
  5. What’s a JSON Web Token? The JSON object is digitally

    signed using a JSON Web Signature (JWS) and optionally encrypted using JSON Web Encryption (JWE).
  6. JWTs: Header { "alg": "HS256", / / algorithm / /

    reject token if "alg" == "none" ) "typ": "JWT", / / type }
  7. JWTs: Payload (Claims) { "sub": "[email protected]", / / Subject (user)

    "iss": "nerevu.com", / / Issuer (server) "aud": "89yfxg498", / / Audience (ClientID) "iat": 1300819370, / / Issued At (timestamp) "exp": 1300819380, / / Expiration Time }
  8. JWTs rock! But where do you store the token once

    you have it? Authentication Showdown
  9. Authentication Steps: Login with username and password Cookies Web Storage

    (session/local) Client Action send username & password Server Action verify username & password
  10. Cookies Web Storage (session/local) Server Action Set `Cookie` Header with

    JWT Set response body with JWT Client Action No action Save JWT to storage Authentication Steps: Receive JWT
  11. Cookies Web Storage (session/local) Client Action No action Set `Authorization`

    Header with JWT Server Action Parse `Cookie` Header and verify JWT Parse `Authorization` Header and verify JWT Authentication Steps: Use JWT for subsequent requests
  12. Cookies Web Storage (session/local) Client Action Set expiration to a

    past date Clear storage value Server Action No action No action Authentication Steps: “Logout” by deleting JWT
  13. JWT Client Storage Showdown: Exploit Vulnerability Cookies Web Storage (session/local)

    MITM Vulnerable Vulnerable CSRF Vulnerable Immune XSS Vulnerable Vulnerable
  14. Cookies Web Storage (session/local) MITM set `Secure` flag use HTTPS

    CSRF set `X-XSRF-TOKEN` header No action needed XSS set `HttpOnly` flag use JSON Web Encryption (JWE)[8,9] JWT Client Storage Showdown: Exploit Mitigation Steps
  15. request Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Your CORS Server 3rd

    Party Client Your non- CORS Server request Your Client request request
  16. Storage Recommendations Use web storage only if your jwt library

    supports JWE Validate X-XSRF-TOKEN server side if using cookies
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