deploy to heroku

deploy to heroku


RailsGirls Ukraine

October 06, 2012


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  2. What we need?  A Heroku user account  Basic

    Ruby/Rails knowledge, including an installed version of Ruby 1.9.2, Rubygems, Bundler, and Rails 3.  Basic Git knowledge Accounts email and heroku password railsgirls
  3. Preparing the app change in Gemfile.rb to bundle install --without

    production gem ‘sqlite3’ group :development do gem ‘sqlite3’ end group :production do gem ‘pg’ end
  4. Preparing the app gem install heroku config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = false add

    to application.rb git init git add . git commit –m “initial commit” add project to git
  5. Deploying create new app push the code migrate database run

    the app or just heroku create app-name git push heroku master heroku run rake db:migrate heroku run rake db:seed heroku open heroku keys:add c:\sites\.ssh\ add ssh-key: login: heroku login