where to go next

where to go next


RailsGirls Ukraine

October 06, 2012


  1. Where to go from here?

  2. tryruby.org • Interactive Ruby in your browser!

  3. Why's poignant guide to Ruby • Learn Ruby with cartoon

    foxes! • Guaranteed: Vastly different from every book you know, but... • Sometimes a bit too much story
  4. HacketyHack • Coding for beginners! • Includes GUI programming •

    Platform for beginner questions
  5. Code School • Learning with presentations and coding exercises! •

    Look for the free courses
  6. Ruby Koans • Walk along the path of enlightment to

    learn Ruby! • Do this with test driven development
  7. Ruby on Rails Tutorial • Complete walkthrough of building “mini

    Twitter” - with tests! ✔ How I learned Rails
  8. Rails Guides • Up-to-date guides about Rails

  9. Codecademy • Interactive coding lessons in JavaScript... • And bagdes!

  10. Mendicant University • community of learners – check the forum

    • Special: Gregory is looking for novice programmers for one-on-one teaching
  11. Stackoverflow

  12. RubyGarage courses

  13. RailsGirls • Join a Rails Girls project group • Join

    our mailing list • Keep in touch with attendees and coaches!
  14. Thank you! Enjoy coding!