introduction to ruby

introduction to ruby


RailsGirls Ukraine

October 06, 2012


  1. Programming Ruby Web

  2. Computers are machines that can be told what to do

  3. Programming is telling them what you want them to do

    5.times do cook_ice_cream(raspberries) end
  4. Slowly vs. Ruby #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout <<

    "Hello, Girls!\n"; } or just puts “Hello, Girls!”
  5. What is Ruby? • Programming language • Started in 1995

    by Yukihiro Matsumoto • Ruby is designed for programmer productivity and fun • Systems design needs to emphasize human, rather than computer
  6. Web

  7. What and how we see in the Web

  8. Everyone gets unique address

  9. How they talk: DNS

  10. Static sites • Difficult to update site • Site not

    as useful for the user • poor functionality Dynamic sites • Much more functional website • Much easier to update • Can work as a system to communicate people Static sites vs. dynamic
  11. Client vs. Server

  12. Talking

  13. The “Stack”

  14. The “Stack”

  15. The “Stack”

  16. The “Stack”

  17. GitHub official repository of companies:

  18. Let's start trying Ruby