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What do I get from the full stack framework?

What do I get from the full stack framework?


Richard Miller

June 11, 2012


  1. What do I get from the full stack framework? By

    Richard Miller (@mr_r_miller)
  2. We're developers who want to get stuff done and enjoy

  3. We often have to write a lot of boiler plate/infrastructure

  4. Remove barriers between you and the interesting code

  5. You want to write the application not wire up the

  6. You get a powerful set of components for web tasks

    Routing HTTP Foundation Templating Form Security HTTP Kernel Clas Load
  7. They are already wired up in the framework

  8. You don't want to write the repetitive code

  9. You can generate the bundle

  10. Bundles give you a common directory structure

  11. You can generate the CRUD actions, views and forms

  12. You get to concentrate on what the application does

  13. You want to write quick config not slow boiler plate

  14. Assetic comes with the standard distribution Monolog Swiftmailer Assetic Twig

  15. Setting up assets and filters with Assetic alone

  16. Creating a controller action to serve the assets

  17. You can let the bundle do that for you

  18. Replace the boiler plate code with config

  19. Twig extension makes front end integration easy

  20. You get to code other things because config is quick

    to write
  21. What do the bundles give you? Number of files Lines

    of code PHP 756 10,887 XML 42 1637
  22. This is similar for other components

  23. Also for third party libraries

  24. Everyone is happy with the quick progress made

  25. You want to learn the good bits of new technologies

    and libraries
  26. You want to use elasticsearch

  27. You could use Elastica directly

  28. You could index data directly with Elastica

  29. You can let 3rd party bundles do that for you

  30. The bundle configures it for you

  31. The indexing is already done in bundle

  32. You get to work in terms you already know

  33. The index is available as a service you are familiar

  34. You get this for lots of libraries/bundles

  35. You can spend time on adding functionality to your application

  36. Remove barriers between you and the interesting code

  37. Questions? @mr_r_miller richardmiller.co.uk