Designing & Building a real Android app with Material Tools & Components

84ed0218b7b6eec8a5ac5af51c342c0c?s=47 Nick Rout
December 01, 2018

Designing & Building a real Android app with Material Tools & Components

Google I/O 2018 introduced a huge shake-up of the Android guidelines, support libraries and tools for both developers and designers. In addition to Jetpack and AndroidX, developers are required to migrate their usage of the Design Support Library in favour of Material Components for Android. The Material Design team also introduced a host of new exciting guidelines and tools. This presentation covers what it is like to use these relatively new tools and components to build a real Android app, from design to development. This includes choosing colours using the Color Tool, iconography using Material Icons, designing the app in Sketch using the Material Theme Editor plugin, previewing the design using Gallery and, finally, building the app using Material Components for Android.

This was presented at Droidcon Kenya 2018:

It was also presented at DevFest South Africa 2018:

The video recording of the presentation is available on YouTube:


Nick Rout

December 01, 2018