Android Things - The IoT platform for everyone.

Android Things - The IoT platform for everyone.

Presented at Devconf South Africa.

In this presentation, Rebecca will cover the new platform recently announced by Google, called Android Things. She will cover an introduction to Android Things, basics of getting started with the platform and how any developer without electronics experience can build IoT apps with Android Things. A few use cases and examples will be shown in this session, along with how you can use the existing android libraries with your next IoT project.

Rebecca is the Android Engineering Lead at DVT based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She loves working with new technology and has a passion for making great user friendly products. In her spare time, she manages her open source app, Book Dash, which contains free African story books. She speaks at conferences and local meetups mainly about Android. When not coding, she can be found baking and travelling the world. Previous talks :


Rebecca Franks

March 09, 2017