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APIs 101 with Postman

APIs 101 with Postman

If you’re completely new to APIs, this webinar is for you. In this session, Rishit and Aanchal talk about API basics with a practical walkthrough which you could follow along with us using Postman. And finally, we also send you some swag (courtesy of Postman).

Our Agenda:
- What is an API?
- Why you should use APIs?
- The basic components of an API request
- Building and sending API requests
- A live follow along demo :D
- Developers love swags, let's send you some


Rishit Dagli

July 16, 2021


  1. APIs 101 with Postman TEDx, TED-Ed Speaker Rishit Dagli @rishit_dagli

    Intern, Postman Aanchal Mishra @aanchalmishra_ 17 July 6 PM IST (GMT+5:30)
  2. Agenda 1 Intro to APIs and Postman 2 Requests and

    responses 3 Trying things out 4 Follow-up resources 5 Q&A
  3. • TEDx and 2xTED-Ed Speaker • I contribute to TensorFlow

    • I love🧡 ML Research • I love🧡 Hackathons • My coordinates - Rishit Dagli $ whoami @rishit_dagli
  4. • Student Community Intern, Postman • Tech and Communities 💖

    Aanchal Mishra $ whoami @aanchalmishra__
  5. ⓘ Start presenting to display the audience questions on this

    slide. Audience Q&A Session
  6. APIs: A Digital Restaurant Client Server

  7. APIs: A bit Technical

  8. What’s an API? And why should I use one? •

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow services to communicate with each other • Software has become more complex and collaborative over the years. Developers no longer need to create every service from scratch. • APIs allow developers to access data from a service (like Google or Twitter) without any knowledge of how the codebase has been implemented.
  9. There’s an API for everything Everything • The Cat API

    • OpenWeatherMap • Genius • Discord • Youtube-to-MP3 • Spotify • Twitter • Facebook • Google • And so many more!

  11. More than 500,000 organizations & 13 Million developers use Postman

    98% of Fortune 500 Organizations use Postman 65% of Global 2000 Organizations use Postman Postman is a collaborative API development platform that simplifies creating, using, and testing APIs with a UI What is Postman?
  12. Working APIs: Then and Now cURL Command Line Postman

  13. Requests and Responses

  14. Request-Response Pattern Client Server Request Response Resources Services Network API

  15. Making Requests The three ingredients to make a request: •

    Method (GET, POST, etc) • Address/Endpoint (URL) • Path How we interact with the API
  16. Requests - Methods and Endpoints Method GET Retrieve information POST

    Send information PUT/PATCH Update information DELETE Delete information address of the server Bare minimum for a request The scheme of the request Host Path Protocol destination where request can be heard and executed
  17. Specifying Detail Building your requests • Parameters ◦ In the

    query • Authorization • Headers and body ◦ Data types
  18. Requests - Body The data payload • Optional, but often

    supplied with POST and PUT requests • Data types ◦ form data ◦ JSON ◦ text ◦ HTML ◦ XML ◦ files ◦ GraphQL ◦ … and more! { “name”: “Jane Doe”, “email”: “”, “birthYear”: 1970 } JSON
  19. Receiving Responses Response elements • Status codes (200 OK, 201

    Created, 404 Not found) • Headers • Accessing body data
  20. Follow Along Navigate to and fork

  21. Recap We learned request essentials to retrieve and update API

    data: • Methods • Addresses • Parameters • Authorization • Body data
  22. Win Amazing Swag

  23. Trying Things Out Create your own public workspace with a

    collection using any API of your choice Send it to us, and we’ll send cool swag to the coolest project 1 2
  24. Share your learnings with #PostmanStudent

  25. Slides:

  26. Resources Learning Center API Network Forum

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  28. Q&A

  29. ⓘ Start presenting to display the audience questions on this

    slide. Audience Q&A Session
  30. Thanks for coming! Have a question we didn’t cover? Tell

    us how the workshop went: @rishit_dagli @aanchalmishra_