Building HTTP APIs With Carter

Building HTTP APIs With Carter

In 2007 Sinatra was debuted, a DSL, written in Ruby, for building websites, web services, and web applications.
This spawned a movement towards using a minimalistic approach to building web applications, and numerous "Micro-frameworks" were created.

What is a micro-framework?
Are there any benefits of using a micro-framework?
What are some examples of when it's right to use a microframework instead of a full framework for custom software development?

In this session, Richard will discuss the differences between frameworks and micro-frameworks.
Demonstrate the benefits of a micro-framework using Carter, a routing library for use with ASP.Net Core.
Richard will show you how to get up and running with Carter, go through some examples of how Carter could benefit your product.
You will also see how easy it is to test your Carter modules using Microsoft.AspNetCore.TestHost TestServer.

Carter enables you to build performant HTTP APIs quickly, giving you the ability to rapidly pivot your product if required.


Richard Tasker

July 02, 2019