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Get Off the Bus Gus, 50 Ways to Leave Your Mainframe

Get Off the Bus Gus, 50 Ways to Leave Your Mainframe

Cost of running workloads on the mainframe, lack of skilled personnel, speed of innovation as well as the window of despair between OLTP and Batch processing is leading to enterprises moving their legacy workloads to the cloud. This session will present strategies to replatform and refactor existing mainframe COBOL batch applications to Cloud Foundry. We will provide guidance and best practices in migrating monolithic mainframe apps and data including JCLs wrapped in CICS and IMS using Spring components like Spring Data Flow, Spring Cloud and Spring Batch.

This session will provide a pathway to migrate thousands of apps trapped on zOS to a 3 rd generation platform. Session we will delve into technologies like iBM Cloud Connect and IBM zOS API Connect that will open the door for mainframe developers to enter the PaaS ecosystem. Enterprises will benefit from a discussion on the role of CF for legacy mainframe workloads.

Rohit Kelapure

August 04, 2016

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  1. Get Off the Bus Gus, 50 Ways to Leave Your

    Mainframe Rohit Kelapure Pivotal Advisory Solutions Architect
  2. Summary • Before & After • Four Strategies • Mainframe

    Integration Patterns • z/OS Connect 2.0 • Replacing Batch Processing • Offloading Data
  3. 3

  4. 4

  5. Modernizing Off The Mainframe • Lift-and-Shift • Greenfield Approach •

    Incremental Replacement • Application Tier Replacement 5
  6. Strangler Pattern 6

  7. Mainframe Integration Patterns 7

  8. IBM’s Answer

  9. IBM z/OS Connect 2.0 9

  10. Eclipse Tooling 10

  11. 11 SOA & Legacy Integration

  12. Saving Money • Rationalize Redundant Technologies • Leverage latest features

    from zOS Transaction Managers • Compilers Matter, Version Of Java matters • Transaction Server Optimization • Externalize Business Rules • Offload processing to zIIP & zAAP Processors 12
  13. Batch Modernization • Batch programs concurrently executed with online transactional

    programs • Ability to freely intermix technologies to enhance batch programs • Reduction or Elimination of needless data movement • Technical Solutions - I/O Acceleration Techniques … • Don’t use batch for app integration 13
  14. Spring Batch on PCF • JSR 352 Specification on top

    of Spring Batch Implementation • Auto scale slave nodes in the cloud based on the amount of that the batch job processes • SCDF PartitionHandlers execute slave partitions as Tasks on PCF • v3 CAPI that exposes Diego Task API is experimental • cf cli Plugin for v3 apps lacks ability to delete apps bound to services • v3 apps do not show up in the AppsManager UI 14
  15. Apache Geode - Offloading Mainframe data

  16. More Apace Geode 16

  17. Spring Cloud Data Flow Geode 17

  18. Stream/Task Spring Boot Apps 18

  19. Offloading Mainframe Data into Hadoop 19

  20. Thank You Rohit Kelapure rkelapure@pivotal.io https://twitter.com/rkela https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohitkelapure http://cloud.rohitkelapure.com/