Blockchain and security: bank and insurance applications

Blockchain and security: bank and insurance applications

This talk will only focus on practical and concrete financial uses of the blockchain, with a focus on all security issues that can occur. Thus, we will discuss its advantages and applications in the bank and insurance areas, speaking about use cases, presentations of current projects, the use of oracles to interact with the real world, and with concrete and live demonstrations of smart contracts using economic indicators. We will talk in detail about the security fundamentals with an analysis of blockchain issues and risks, a review of « The DAO » security flaw (the largest-ever crowdsourced fundraising : 150 million dollars), the importance of the blockchain technology and of the programming langage for the « smart contracts », as well as good technical and functional security practices to guarantee a good enough level of trust in the technology.


Renaud Lifchitz

March 03, 2017