Blog Me Baby, One More Time

Blog Me Baby, One More Time

Presentation given at High Ed Web (#heweb13) with Audrey Romano in the Technology in Education (#TIE2) track.


Robin Smail

October 07, 2013


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    HighEdWeb National Conference Buffalo, NY October 2013 R b S

    renegade element firebrand tribe A r R web coordinator penn state university Blog Me, Baby r #tie2 #heweb13
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    I f r technology’s sake r v v ? C

    b r ff r ’ academic experience?
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    w b ? improve literacy motivate students share ideas to

    reflect eportfolios digital literacy share resources connect with peers facilitate online discussions develop a voice extend classroom walls create a school website create a 24/7 learning environment share lessons and assignments connect with a global audience connect with parents express creativity obtain feedback source:
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    ff “Academic studies have found that whenever students write for

    other actual, live people, they throw their back into the work — producing stuff with better organization and content, and nearly 40% longer than when they write for just their instructor.” Clive Thompson —
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    L r Ob v write an article for publication authenticity

    collaboration & engagement D individual blogs an outside stakeholder #hashtags commenting & responding
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    Accepted, No Revisions Minor Revisions Moderate Revisions Rejected Total Accepted

    Articles Paper 22% 5% 35% 39% 61% ONLINE 42% 4% 46% 8% 92% article acceptance
  17. 20.

    Word Count Mechanical Errors Images Sources Paper 855 1.3 3.5

    6.3 Online 1006 0.7 5.5 7.6 Engagement
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  19. 22.

    L r Ob v develop identity & voice real-world applicability

    D individual blogs #hashtags passion project
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    Engagement “It’s definitely helped me just broaden my knowledge because

    I obviously have done a lot of research on it for the class to write the blog... [but] I didn't really know that much about celiac disease before.” “I'm just really excited about the possibility of me being able to use it as a portfolio builder. ...It's a learning experience and at the same time be able to be used in the future... I really liked it.” “I think it's beneficial. I think it'd be cool if it could be incorporated into other classes too...the fact that I did that internship that was like a blog internship? ...It just kind of shows that you can use what we're doing.”
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    L r Ob v Develop a voice write about rhetoric

    in civic life digital literacy D individual blogs passion project multimedia
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    v r 600 students 29 sections wr 17,302 posts v

    r 2 semesters 22 instructors r their own r w sheer nUMBERS
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  27. 30.

    L r Ob v Share experiences abroad Global Citizenship conversation

    & deeper understanding D single blog multi-author passion project
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    ENGL 202C — Injection of technology into technical writing coursework

    adds quality and engagement in community building. NUTR 360 — Blogs gave students a contextually relevant situation to work with, allowing for reflection and advancement in learning and skills.
  32. 35.

    CAS 138T — Students develop a deeper understanding of rhetoric

    because they have to practice it. They finish the course with skills in digital presentations and multimedia. geoblogs — An authentic student voice demonstrates the real value of a program. Better than any marketing strategy.
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    @R b 2 renegade element @ A r penn

    state university