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Omni-Channel Shopping

Omni-Channel Shopping

Robin Müller

May 03, 2016

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  1. Who  is this guy? 2 Gaming Legal  Tech E-­‐Commerce Robin

     Müller CTO  &  Co-­‐Founder at  Lesara What I  do  at  Lesara What I  did before Scaling Tracking Tech  Strategy @_RobM Computer  Science Security Product
  2. 5 Omni-­‐Channel  for eCommerce  starts mobile Mobile  already ate the

    world! Mobile  is the richer platform Don‘t try to build old workflows with new tools You have AI,  cloud and mobile  devices everywhere Think  about the Micro-­‐Moments  of your customers
  3. 6 Understanding  the Micro-­‐Moment Throughoutthe day,  consumers frequently turn  to

    their connected devices for a  variety of needs. I  want to know I  want to go I  want to buy I  want to do „Micro-­‐moments  are moments of high  intent and engagement“
  4. What are devices used for? 7 Percentage of respondentssaying they

    conduct the following shopping-­‐ related activities via  smartphone,  computer,  or tablet.   *Source:  ANNALECT,  „#generationtech:  Millenials &Technology“,  Jan  2015 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Check  prices Check  product  details Make  a  purchase Smartphone Desktop Tablet
  5. 9 Phase  1  – Collecting the data Customers Visitors Page

     Views Devices Preferred Communication  Time Interactions  with Communication 250–500 million data points per month Preferred Communication  Channel
  6. 10 You know more than you might think Customer ü

    Name  &  sex (gender) ü Location ü Age Visitor ü Products   ü Product segment ü Cart ü Marketing  channel ü Device ü Time ü Events   ü Search   ü Social Sharing ü Return  behavior ü Method of payment ü Open  email   ü Click  email   ü Invitation  sent to friends
  7. 11 There are hidden treasures in  your data Pages  per

     Session +83% Conversion Rate +240%
  8. 12 Tracking  Omni-­‐Channel  is hard Use a  unified tracking concept

    (or system) Incentivize users to create an  account Build a  seamless integration of devices Connect  data/devices later
  9. 13 Phase  2  – Omni-­‐Channel  experience Multi  Channel  Onboarding (Push,

     E-­‐Mail) Personalization (Website,  App,  Push,  E-­‐Mail) Shared data over all  devices Communication  on  preferredDevice-­‐Time-­‐Combo Shipping and Delivery is also  a  Micro-­‐Moment!
  10. 15 The  Lesara Toolbox  – all  offer raw data via

     API Big  Data  turned into Smart  Data
  11. 16 Takeaways 1  – Make sure you OWN  THE  DATA

     or can get raw data 2  – Avoid black box  SaaS  tools 3  – Understand the Micro-­‐Moments  of your customers 4  – Incentivize people to use accounts and make it easy 5 – Omni-­‐Channel  doesn‘t stop with the purchase